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01/09/2011 14:16

Over the past decade the video game world as we know it has has developed into a very large industry. The release of more modern games consoles and computers has provided game programmers a platform to improve their games greatly. One game is currently extremely popular and is played from the PC format - The World of Warcraft. This game has taken the gaming industry by storm and has contributors and players all over the world.The World of Warcraft is known by it's techie followers as W.o.W. It was created by Blizzard Entertainment ( or more commonly known as Activision ). Activision's first Warcraft release was in 1994 and it was titled Warcraft: Orcs and Humans. This game ( and all other warcraft games ) are based in a fantasy world called Azeroth. The actual World of Warcraft release which is played so religiously today was not released until much later - 2004 to be exact. This is when the franchise really took off.The characters in Warcraft are played either in 'first person' or 'third person' views. First person view allows you to view the world of Azeroth through the characters eyes. Third person allows you to view your character from above and behind. Your character explores the landscapes of Azeroth completing various quests, fighting a huge amount of different foes and grouping up with various other players characters from all over the world. The way you play the game is split into two different main categories:1. Player versus player2. Player versus environment.With player versus player the game is based around open combat between various players from around the world. With player versus environment the game centers around completing the vast amount of various quests and also combating and defeating various challenging monsters or foes.When you make a new character to first start playing warcraft you must then choose which faction or group you are going to join.Read more WoW Gold kaufen. There are two groups to choose from - Alliance or Horde. The catch to this is that only members from the same group ( faction ) can speak to one another or group together. You may choose what race you belong to when creating your character, all the fantasy races are generally covered - Dwarf, Orc, Troll, human. Once you have decided on your race you must then give a class to your character - Mage, Warrior, Priest.The World of Warcraft has a huge cult following with millions of people worldwide playing day after day. To join in and play the game you must outlay a subscription fee and obviously have a PC with a broadband internet connection.For more info visit WoW Gold kaufen.



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