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26/10/2011 17:04

Those who are just starting a dollar store are frequently puzzled about exactly what dollar store merchandise to add to the displays in their stores. Next they face the difficult challenge of determining where these products can be found. As the list of potential dollar store suppliers grows every-longer, the next questions is associated with how to tell which wholesale suppliers are best. After all, in many ways the wholesale suppliers chosen can make or break your business. In this article I review some of the most important criteria to use in making your decision. #1) Do their products sell?This is such a simple and straight forward question to ask. Yet the dollar store merchandise available from many companies just seems to miss the mark. Some items sell well. Other items don’t sell nearly as well. #2) Are their products available when ordered?Even the companies with the fastest selling items need to have those products in-stock when you need them to be considered as primary wholesale suppliers. After all, your shoppers will be unwilling to find all of the products they must have on a routine basis missing when they come into your store. Their shopping trips are to make dollar store merchandise purchases. If you don’t have the products they need, they will move on and locate a competitor’s store which does have the items available.#3) Do they offer outstanding customer service?Let’s face it; from time to time there will be problems with almost any company. The real question is associated with how they handle those problems. With outstanding customer service you will be able to work through and minimize the impact on your shoppers. Other times you may have a problem or even a simple question. The last thing you want is an answering machine and then no follow up to help from your vendors. #4) Do their products provide high value for your shoppers?Pricing – Competitive prices are essential. They do not need to be the lowest cost source for everything. It would be nice, but if all other criteria are high, competitive is fine.Read more about Wholesale Dollar Merchandise Quality –Shoppers look at quality as an important feature when they make their buying decisions. High quality is essential in today’s marketplace. Measure your suppliers on the quality of the products they provide. Quantity – Shoppers are going to expect as much or more of a product than is sold by the dollar store down the street. Do not assume it will work to cut quantity and then maintain your current shoppers and sales numbers.Other – Packaging is another consideration. Looks and even quality of packaging matter. Preference will generally be given to known brand name products over generic. Do not underestimate the need to carefully screen your wholesale suppliers before you make a long-term commitment. Not only must you consider how potential vendors treat you as you work through the ordering process, but even more important is the need to obtain exactly the products your shoppers will scoop up whenever they see them. Some vendors do just that – they know what your shoppers need and want. Others will miss the mark with similar, not as fast-selling products. Of course wholesale pricing and your ultimate profit must also be factored in. Finally, don’t forget to focus on obtaining dollar store merchandise providing high value to your customers.For more info visit Wholesale Dollar Merchandise



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