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19/05/2012 02:57

In part one of what you should know before becoming a freelance web designer, we looked at the importance of knowing how to run your own business, as well as keeping up with the technology and organisation that your job entails. In part two, we look at what else you should consider before looking into becoming a freelance web designer:The stress levelsMost web designers will already know that they need to have a thick skin if they want to get anywhere in the industry, but this is especially true of someone looking to freelance. You will be handling a lot of client requests all at once, and some will never be satisfied with the results - you need to ensure that you have an effective method in place for handling stress.A big part of working in any creative industry is being able to take constructive criticism. As a web designer, you will be receiving a lot of feedback from clients, and it won't always be good. There may be times when you do not agree, but you cannot go around saying exactly what you think if you want to uphold a good reputation.The question of wagesAs well as setting your own work hours, as a freelance web designer it is also up to you to decide how much your work and time is worth. You will need to research this a little bit; find out how much other freelancers are charging and see if your estimate is similar. Remember that insurance, sick days and holidays do not exist for a freelancer - you can, of course, give them to yourself, but it will cost you more money.The need for a backup planAs many people quickly find out, freelance web design is not for everyone.For more info,Please visit webdesign melbourne If you go in with the attitude that you will quit as soon as something bad happens, you will never last. You need to be aware that it is a difficult profession, especially to begin with, and be emotionally and financially prepared for whatever it will throw at you.Remember that when you are first starting out, you will not be able to rely on freelancing as your sole source of income. You will have to either have a considerable amount of money saved up, a part time job to subsidise your income, or a partner who is on a steady wage.If you are considering moving into freelance web design, you need to ensure that you take all of the above points, as well as those listed in part one, into consideration. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a profession you hate and with little to show for it.For further details click here 


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