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05/08/2011 17:03

There is just one scenario for health, and there are many variants to how this story plays out.  How it plays out may differ but the result is typically the same.  The same goes for wealth and happiness.  Place too much or too little into either and the others falter until you are either back at square or worse.
Ok as promised I will reveal how you can develop a mindset that habitually produces a balanced set of thoughts in a relatively short period of time, thus raising your chances of achieving nearly any goal you set your mind to.  The process involves training your mind and body simultaneously by using Hypnexercise, which is a combination of hypnosis and exercise.  Hypnosis for weight loss has been used with success for some time now, but the inclusion of exercise into the mix takes it to new heights.
By now most people are aware of the fact that exercise causes your body to produce endorphins, which are highly beneficial to mood, immune system function and overall well-being.  What most people don't know is that the brain releases chemicals called peptides into the blood stream that correlate with the thoughts and emotions you are having at any given time.
Good thought release healthy peptides and vise-versa.  Peptides are very important because they are actually addictive to the cells in our bodies.  The more our bodies are exposed to negative peptides, the more we begin to make choices that lead to us getting more of the peptides we crave, even if we know it will harm us.  The only way to break the addiction to these peptides is to form new dependencies to positive peptides in line with the balance of health, wealth and happiness I spoke of earlier.
What does that have to do with exercise you ask?  Well, exercise is an amazing way to cause your brain to reach the heightened sense of awareness that athletes often call the "zone."  While you're in the zone, your mind is ultra-receptive to ideas and you possess a unique clearness of mind that's unattainable outside of exercise.
This state of mind is very similar to being in a hypnotic trance and is the perfect time to reprogram your brain  that is, to plant the thoughts that produce the peptides that lead to habits in life with health, wealth and happiness.  I've found that hypnotic suggestions made to the brain during exercise is by far the fastest way to develop the habits needed for success of any type.


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