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20/02/2012 23:02

It so happened that you have come into this site because you are looking for reasons why you should buy the Shokz Guide that can ultimately make one player an instant StarCraft 2 expert, right? This particular StarCraft 2 Guide has so much hype that the internet is literally buzzing about it for quite a while now. So what is it all about? You deserve every bit of information that can help you decide why you should get one. 1) First off, who wrote it? Or who is writing it now? Is the author credible enough that we should trust him? The shokz guide is written by John Greenhoe. He was one of the fastest players in the world who reached the number 1 rank Diamond status during the Blizzards StarCraft 2 Beta period. This goes to show that the author himself is a real StarCraft 2 player who did not just copy content from other guides and sell them to you. 2) Having said that, one can feel assured that there will be continuous updates and new tricks and strategies published every day from this author. Numerous testimonials from thousands of players who have bought the guide actually show that there are daily updates coming out in regular basis. 3) How about the actual guides? Like the specific Terran Strategies Guide, or the Protoss or Zerg Strategies guide? Are they really helpful to people who have just started playing StarCraft 2 or also helpful to those who are already experienced in playing the SC 2 game? The guide actually is for both the newbies or the rookies and the experienced gamers. This is why the Shokz Guide is not just an ordinary StarCraft 2 Guide but a community that has been building up ever since. Many players and gamers are swtor credits interacting with each other and that includes the author himself. He made it in such a way that the learning experience will actually be a community driven interaction. Read more about starcraft 2 guide 4) Are the guides complete? The guides are complete. You see, the guide does not only cover single player campaigns, but also multi-player game strategies for you and your peers. Regular updates to the guide upholds its promise of providing up to date and newest tricks and techniques that many other players in the world are using. So you do not want to get left behind right? This is also the reason swtor credits why the guide is very useful if you are aiming for reaching the Diamond status as well. So nobody would settle for less if they know the inside secrets of reaching that level faster and easier than most. 5) Is it affordable? The StarCraft 2 Shokz Guide is very cheap considering its value to fun and to your skills. It is only for one time payment but the updates are regularly provided. So that is already a big thing. My friends and I have already reached copper level even though we were just beginners to the game. We are on our way to Diamond status.For more info visit starcraft 2 guide


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