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11/12/2011 22:49

How to spell correctly is one lesson that should be started at a very early stage. Time and again it has been observed that many adults make terrible spelling mistakes in their written communications and create embarrassing situations for themselves and others. Learning correct spellings is the foundation of good communication skills and one of the pillars of linguistic skills. Your reputation will suffer and your success will be stunted if your spellings are poor. It is important to develop this skill at a young age and emphasis must be placed on giving spelling lessons to your kids in a fun and interesting way. The method must be such that the child can easily understand the basic concepts of spelling and find it to be an enjoyable experience.Features of Online Spelling TutorialsAn Online spelling tutorial is the ideal way for parents to teach their kids the art of how to spell. These concepts have been developed by knowledgeable teachers who have plenty of experience in classroom teaching. If you want to take advantage of an online spelling tutorial, the best thing to do is to browse the different websites that provide these teaching aids and select the one you find most convenient to use. Most of these portals provide free lessons that will teach the kids how to spell. These lessons are an enjoyable way of learning and they help the child become confident and good at spelling. It is necessary for you as a parent to be enthusiastic and interested in training your kids to learn spelling.Steps of Learning How to SpellThere are many steps of learning as enumerated by online teaching programs. The beginning of the process should be with a lesson about the common spellings that the kids might already be aware of. Their interest will be kindled with the confidence that this is easy and there's nothing to be afraid of. A simple test should be given to them regarding the spellings that they might already know. This will further create more interest. The next step is to introduce the spellings of words that are associated with their favorite hobbies like swimming, chess, or baseball. The very fact that they like the hobby will create more interest in them in learning how to spell related words. When you feel that the child has grasped some knowledge in this field, standard tests as published by educational institutions should be given. This will enable the child to learn more effectively.Read more about Spell check online.Another interesting method of teaching is to decorate the walls of your home with colorful illustrations of spellings of tough words. Such illustrations can also be put up on the wardrobe, bathroom walls, or doors.The visual effect created will imprint the spellings in the mind of the child and the learning process will be expedited. The decorations can be changed after a few days with new spellings. The online spelling tutorials also suggest putting up charts showing the progress so that the child is aware of his success and feels more confident.The child's interest will be enhanced and he will try to perform better. The other techniques employed by the spelling tutorials include showing parents how to use mnemonics and games to help in the teaching of spellings. Vocalizing techniques and singing are also suggested so that the child can learn how to spell correctly.For more info visit Spell check online.


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