solar air heater

08/03/2012 20:54

channel recommended phnix cup ten grand ceremony ended the diaoyutai state guesthouse gt gt air to heat pump works is to use a compression heat pump installations mainly evaporator compressor condenser and expansion valve four part been completed by allowing evaporation of refrigerant absorb heat from the environment compression condensation releases heat cutting re evaporation of the thermal cycle process which will transfer heat to the environment water heat pump in the work the environmental media the energy stored in qa to be absorbed in the evaporator its own part of energy consumption that compressor power qb through the refrigerant in the condenser for heat circulation qc qc qa qb this can be seen that the output energy for the heat pump compressor and heat pump to do the power qb the heat absorbed from the environment qa therefore using heat pump technology can save a lot of energy history heat pump technology development with the industrial revolution the early 19th century people can lower the temperature of the heat from the media the quot pump quot sent to the media at high temperature occurred in this matter interest jpjoule british physicist put forward quot by changing the pressure of compressible fluid temperature change can make it quot principle 1854 w thomson professor that is well known lordkelvin lord papers presented heat multiplier heatmultiplier concept first described the idea of absorption heat pump air in the low heat heat exchange medium through the middle and compressed into high temperature gases the circulatory system through the water heating pipe electric power consumption is only 1 4 the new product to avoid the adoption of solar s rely on the sun heat and inconvenience of installation shortcomings as the air to is to heat transfer through the media so it does not need electric heating element in contact with water no electric short circuit nor gas may be the risk of explosion and poisoning and no emissions Read more about solar air heater caused by fuel heater air pollution air to is to use the principle of heat pump heating and air conditioning cooling the opposite state refrigeration standard is 1000 watts 2800 watts electric refrigeration according to the principle of heat balance while at least 2 800 watts of heat generated together with the input 1000 watts of electricity the actual heat tiles in 3000 4000 to the heat transport to heat the water tank electric of its power consumption is only a quarter electric water heater even if 100 thermal efficiency input 1000 watts of electricity is only 1000 watts of heat air to water heaters do not need the sun it can be at home or outdoors solar water heater storage used up hard to immediately produce hot water if the electric heating has a very long time the air can be as long as the air heater the temperature at 7 to 43 degrees celsius pressure can be run 24 hours a day thus even if the used a box of water 60 liters about half an hour will produce a box of hot water again it also virtually eliminating the electric water heater electric leakage dry and use gas water heater produces harmful gases and other security risks overcome the rainy days can not use solar water heater and installation inconvenience and other shortcomings high security high energy long life do not discharge toxic gases and many other advantages air to water heater life can generally reach 15 to 20 years related reading heat pump market advantage of the situation in 2008 ending go its own way trident exploration solar trade pattern the line of self aucma solar resale property asset management agency to sort out For more info visit solar air heater


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