Smokeless Cigarettes

13/11/2011 02:24

The ill effects of smoking are no secret. It has long been known that smoking causes cancer lung disease or emphysema and heart disease. Smokers are no strangers to annual warning from their physicians at checkups. That being said, it would be hard to find a smoker who has not tried to quit at least once. This of course is easier said than done. Smoking is addictive; the nicotine in smoking adheres to the pleasure receptors in the brain. So any enjoyable experience is associated with smoking if you have been a long time smoker. If you are interested, check out Smokeless Cigarettes. So how to find a replacement that can give you the same pleasure without all the carcinogens? Nicotine gums and sprays provide nicotine but the delivery route is different, ergo the sensation is different.  Smokeless cigarettes or electronic cigarettes excite users because of the delivery route of nicotine being the same as that of traditional smoking. E cigarettes contain an e liquid or e juice cartridge that contains nicotine. This nicotine is contained in an alkaline solution of propylene glycol or glycerin. This glycerin solution is non-toxic and a convenient medium of suspension for the nicotine. Electronic cigarettes or smokeless cigarettes provide a feeling so similar to smoking that it has enabled people to quit and retain their status as ex-smokers. While a lot of smoking cessation techniques are able to help the smoker quit, they return to the habit in a matter of months or even days. With smokeless cigarettes or electronic cigarettes, people are having great success with quitting the habit forever. This is in part due to the hand to mouth action that smokeless cigarettes or electronic cigarettes provide. The other factor is likely the fullness experienced by the lungs in e smoking. Nicotine gums, nicotine patches, nicotine sprays and prescription nicotine pills such as Chantix are in no way appealing to the oral experience that smokers have come to crave.The process of switching to this hobby is greatly simplified. These electronic cigarettes or smokeless cigarettes have dedicated stores that make this process easy. A customer begins by buying an e cigarette started kit. This kit is all inclusive starter kit that has an atomizer or vaporizer, some e liquid or e juice cartridges containing nicotine and a battery pack (lithium battery) along with basic chargers for the home and car. With its convenience many hopes that it will be better than traditional cigarettes. For more detailed information, visit  Smokeless Cigarettes.


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