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In homes and offices, people usually use old window blinds or curtains. These are the traditional blinds and curtains that are difficult to handle and clean. Also, most of these traditional blinds are not capable of blocking complete light. This is a bad thing especially for those people who sleep at daylight. Blackout shades are made for this reason. It is capable of totally blocking light & heat, pretty easy to use and operate, and also very easy to clean.If you want absolute privacy, this type of shade is for you. You can roll the shades up and down without exerting too much effort. If you are concerned of how these roller shades will fit the design of your house, do not worry. These shades come in many different colors and designs that you can choose from. You can choose from plain blind type or curtain type shade, curvy roller, square, long or short, depending on what fits better in your home.Roller Shade Addition or AccesoriesIf you want an addition to this roller shade, it is not a problem, because there are many options to choose from. One of the famous additions is the heavy and solid cassette head rail that serves as a heavy duty cassette which the roller shade fits into. This is known as cassette head rail system. You may also add fascia valance.For more inf visit  Shades This has the same concept with the cassette head rail system but the difference is this is made of a square shaped and is most famous in office or study rooms. This is quite a modern look. Motorization and cordless are still the most popular ones, although these are the most common of all. All these are heavy duty pieces but can be operated easily and smoothly nonetheless.What to consider before purchasing themBefore you go hurrying to the nearest Home Improvement store, you should first know what kind of design you want and what fits your style. You may also want to check the measurements, and the addition or accessories that you wanted. It is very important to know these things first before you buy them. If these things are already considered, then your home is now ready to have these shades.These kinds of roller shades are really good for your mini theater, your home library, bed room and home office. It can provide privacy that you wanted for you will no longer have problems of getting disturbed from the ongoing outside activities or sunlight. If you want complete blockage of outside scene, then this is for you.Check out the full range here


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