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15/08/2011 19:02

Yes, it's 100% true.... Before your site may rank prior to any SEO training will work for you all, you must first site to be ranked the first place. This can be a variety of different types of sites, this may be a YouTube page, a Face book fan pages, Squidoo lenses, or WordPress blog. This training series assume you are willing to WordPress site, so far as it is one of the few methods I mentioned earlier, a list of that you will be able to perform well on their own.Before we begin, I would highly recommend doing some keyword research before getting your own site. I do not care what Google tells you if your blog domain name corresponds to specific keywords that people are looking for, that will help you get to the very top of the list of Google's search rankings.(Here is a proficient way to navigate Google's double-speak: if they say to do it, do it, if they specifically say not to do something, to follow what they say it can not get your site de-indexed, however, if they do. To take enough time to say that any particular method may be important, chances are good that what you seriously. Domain names matching the keywords or key phrases that rank is a great example of this.) In addition, having all the necessary tools to blast out updates to their online world with new material is very important. The concept of 'build and they will come "is true only if you use the real way to syndicating content you create with your target audience. This is far from a complete list, because each person will have their own online business tactics, both on-and off-page SEO. What can I give you here are a few methods, I stumbled upon just to help take your business to the next level and how they can help you do what you need to do.Here are some tools you will need to get started:1st Hosting Service - This is usually about ten dollars per month2nd WordPress - Google tends to rank higher than the WordPress site by others. Highly recommended.3rd SEO plugins for your site - This will help you rank on Google and easier to optimize your page and each post.4th HTML and XML Sitemaps - There are different types of Sitemaps to tell Google the new content has been added to your blog.Read more about  Seo Powerhouse It will also help Google spiders to sift and sort your page a whole lot easier. Whatever you can do to help Google help you to always be a huge help to your website.5th Social media widgets - it helps to link your site to your social media accounts, whether it be a personal profile or fan page that you want to associate with. This allows you to subscribe to and promote their content easier for your target audience, and therefore helps to put your stuff in front of people in the eyes of a lot easier, because your audience in different ways to connect to my work.In this video I show you exactly where you can put your new page on how to set up your new WordPress site to get up and running at the same time, which is the most effective accessories you need, and ultimately, how they are set up so you can change your new site to an SEO powerhouse, magnetically attracted an incredible amount of potential customers within a very short time.For more details and info visit Seo Powerhouse



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