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29/11/2011 17:50

First decide how fast you need to sell your home and when. It will control which of the following methods you choose.Real Estate Agent 1)If you have six to twelve months to sell your property then use a realtor. A real estate agent to get the best price for your property, they can spend time taking photographs, measurements and develop a sales brochure. The agent will then market your property in the local ownership document from your local sales office and online. Real estate costs are typically 2.1% for a single agent or a 3% use two or more agents.Average time of sale: 6 to 12 months. Cost: 1% - 3% of salesAuction 2)If you have 6 weeks - 3 months, so you can sell your home with an estate auction. Typically, the auction house will market your property for 2-3 weeks before the auction and exchange of contracts is provided on the day auction, with completion 28 days later. The disadvantage of an auction of the property is not a guarantee of final sale price of your property will achieve even a minimum reserve price can be determined before the auction.The average time of sale: 6 weeks - 3 months. The costs of 1.5% - 3% of sale price3) Sell PrivateThere are a number of ways to sell your home privately. An ad in the local newspaper or on Internet sites like eBay or Kijiji. The advantages are that there are no Real Estate fees to pay only the cost, if any, of your ad. The disadvantage is that you market your property yourself and make projections. An advertisement in the window of the local newsagent could cost $ 1 a week.Read more about sell my house quickWord of mouth does not cost anything to talk to everyone you know to know that you are seeking a buyer for your home.Average time to sell: 1 to 12 months. Price: Free - up from £ 14) sold via the InternetYou can also place a personal ad for online real estate agents who advertise on national websites such as Rightmove and Zoopla property for a fee once. You may have to market your property yourself, but a good agent will be online to take pictures of you and do all the measurements and an agent would do offline, but at lower cost.The average time of sale: 1 month - 12 months. Cost ‚¬ 50.5) Sale to a cash buyerSell ??to a cash buyer can mean a quote for your property in the hours and benefits for completion within 28 days. The disadvantage is that a cash buyer will usually offer you less than the market value of your property, typically 30% less. Cash buyers will usually pay your lawyer and surveyor fees and no additional advertising costs or estate agents fees to pay. Payment is guaranteed if it is ideal if you sell your home quickly before a certain date.For more info visit sell my house quick



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