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29/09/2011 19:13


The glitter and its world of glitterati are increasing day by day. The day not even goes by but the life gets better, swankier and stylish. It just never ends. The lifestyle of the people keeps enhancing and evolving. This, has not stopped anyone to think what it is doing to the nature and the environment? The harm and the abuse that the whole cosmos is getting, no one knows, cares or for that matter even bothers. This is such a selfish attitude. It means that we all are no different from the other lower species in the animal kingdom. In fact worse! They do not work that way but in fact play their positive part in the food chain cycle and that is life. Without which none can exist. But, humans brag about being sophisticated and very well tutored and look at the irony here.
Reading the above and acquiring new modern status symbols of lifestyle products does not help in any way, besides just being showy and gaudy. The increasing usage of consumer durables such as refrigerators, LCD TV's, mobile phones, laptops and all have become quite common. And as such when there are so many changes taking place at such a fast speed, the older version of all these products and equipments become rather obsolete and sometimes as the case maybe becomes beyond repairable even. Thus, the garbage dump becomes larger and larger over the years. Hence taking up space and collecting more dust. This is the junk which is not even lying in a proper junkyard. There are so many other electronics and other probably spare parts of a car, truck, which all come in this clutter. See the waste is there. And that too so much of it! The waste it always treated before it is disposed off, and then why not governs in the manner that is green, healthy and environment friendly.
One such way in the initial phase can that be to decrease the usage, to keep using a particular product till it's really not in a condition to work further. Another could be that not to hoard things and buy conspicuously. Moreover, with the new segment coming up people can reuse things, especially as they do with recycled paper and poly bags. Similarly, one can use second hand mobile phones, cars and so on. One can even purchase a second hand laptop in Delhi and otherwise in which ever city the person is residing in.Read more about Second hand stuff This category of all used items like used laptops in Delhi and in other places can be used and hence one can become a conscious citizen.
There are also cases as in when the vendors and the dealers come across various parts of a machine that maybe working or may not be working. Thus, a person throws it completely away. And does not get it repaired as the cost of it is more than buying the actual one. Hence throws away or dumps the usable and new stuff along with it. In such a case, a person can then opt for a new part and even better can buy a second hand part of that particular item. Thus, why not buy a part of the second hand laptop in Delhi from the Nehru Place market. It is cheap, affordable and good to use. This particular market has a lot many options in terms of a computer to choose from, whether it's a second hand laptop in Delhi or a desktop, software concern or a hardware concern. It's all out there.
These are the ways with which each individual can do their bits and pieces for a common goal of healthy living, for the current as well as for the future too.For more info visit Second hand stuff               

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