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15/01/2012 22:09

here are many myths circulating about scrapping your car at present. Scrap cars aren’t always used to be sold on in ‘cut and shut’ products; similarly, it’s not true that scrap cars in the UK can’t be sold for money. Myth – scrap cars are often reused in cut and shut cars.Fact – scrap cars, when sold to reputable dealers, are stripped and the parts are sold to people requiring these spares, then anything that can’t be reused in other cars is melted down or recycled back into the general material pool. They are rarely used in ‘cut and shuts’.Myth – scrap cars, if not scrapped and are in an accident then the person that sold the car for scrap (you) will be liable for any damages.Fact – when you scrap your car, you should fill in some paperwork and ensure that you return this to the DVLA, you should not be liable for any incidents that arise in the unlikely event that anything happens with your car that you did not allow for. More importantly, it’s so rare that this happens that these ‘scare stories’ are usually designed into convincing you that one service, over another is your only choice.Myth – You can’t get money for scrapped cars in the UK.Fact – You can sell your car for anything you feel is reasonable –Read more about Scrap my car. in most cases, ‘scrapping’ your car to a local scrap yard may require YOU to pay for it – in some cases £60 or more – or you could sell to a specialist group that can strip and offer you money for the parts. Or, you could sell it on eBay – either as a complete unit for scrap, or if you’ve got any mechanical ability, stripping out the valuable parts yourself.Myth – cars only sell at one flat rate – and you have to pay for themFact – in some cases, like above, you do have to pay for a scrap yard to come to take your car, but in some scrap yards, cars are weighed by the tonne and sold at whatever level metal is currently worth.All of these myths are easily laid to rest by a quick search and conversation with your local scrap yard, or finding a dealership, garage or scrap company that will take your car. No matter what you choose to do with a scrap car, ensure your log book is stamped, and complete all your paperwork. Though it’s unlikely that anything will happen to your car, it’s important to ensure that your paperwork is in order.  For more info visit Scrap my car.


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