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Since the government released the car scrappage scheme, there has been much hype about being able to safely dispose of a vehicle for a cash payment. Traditionally the car owner would pay to have the car collected and taken away, however recent demand for metals has seen this turn the other way and scrap metal dealers now pay the customers to buy their scrap cars from them. Here are 5 reasons why scrapping vehicles for cash is a good initiative. 1. Value of metal on the increase - the value of metal is on the increase because of the current economic climate, meaning that payouts for unwanted metals will be quite lucrative depending on the condition of your car. 2. Easy way to make some cash - rather than you having to pay to scrap your car (as it used to be) you can now get paid cash on the spot to have your car scapped. Being paid for the privilege is great, and a quick way to make some cash. 3. Hassle free way of getting rid of your old vehicle - because there are so many scrap metal dealers (scrap car ilford) across London, you have plenty of opportunity in finding someone to arrive within a few hours and collect your unwanted car for cash. 4. Help the environment - by scrapping your car through a registered outlet, your helping reuse parts of the vehicle that would otherwise corrode over time and go to waste. Scrap car bromley services reuse the scrap parts so that they are used for longer, helping the environment get more out of the lifetime of the metal.Read more about scrap car5. Get your garden or driveway space back - storing a scrap car means that you are using a parking space or other area of your home. By getting rid of the scrap car, you are getting your space back, as well as getting rid of something which may not look very pleasing on the eye. Based on these 5 reasons, its good to scrap car ilford has become a huge operation in the UK. Many thousands of people now scrap cars in greenwich and this is a great initiative as it means that we are working towards being more environmentally friendly. When scrapping your car, ensure you have your log book with it and you have declared it as SORN (off road) with the DVLA or equivalent in your area.For more info scrap car

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