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07/08/2012 18:50

Years of dreaming may soon end in reality as the waterfront park project that includes outdoor landscapes, spaces for weddings, picnic areas, and a massive fountain, just took one big step forward.The Board of Supervisors decided on Tuesday to approve the demolition of the of the 1958 J.W. Askew building, located on the north side of the County Administration Center. The board approved $2.6 million for the task, along with another $1.2 million for the completion of the designs for the 12-acre waterfront park. The project would extend north of the building site all the way to the administration building.The idea for the "legacy project" was championed by supervisor Ron Roberts back in 1995. According to him, the project promises to change the public's view of the waterfront permanently. "The quality and the concept of what is here should be, I hope, a guide for future development on the waterfront," Roberts said of the project.$38 million is the expected cost for the waterfront park project, the majority of which will be covered by downtown redevelopment funds, though the project is open to donations. In fact, because it is still unnamed, the county is open to the possibility of a major donor attaching their name to the project, if the donation is large enough. The park promises to include landscaped "rooms", which will showcase local public art and vegetation, though neither has yet been donated, chosen, or funded.There is lot more to learn on San diego real estate! Roberts said that had the economy not taken a turn for the worse, the project would have been done years ago. "We had agreements not once, but twice with private development entities," he said. The project, as proposed by the county, is actually a part of a much bigger endeavor: the North Embarcadero Visionary Plan, approved in 1998 for the western side of the waterfront. It is the first part of the project that moved.Supervisor Dianne Jacob requested detailed information regarding water usage, costs of operation and maintenance, construction phases, employee routes and relocations, and the proposed parking garage's timeline, along with the decision of whether or not to charge the public for its use.Within the next few months, it is expected that a more complete presentation will be given to the board. Please read more by checking here!


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