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China Red porcelain is used high-tech means, rare elements and chemical synthesis methods, so that red ceramic pigment-resistant 1200 ~ 1300 high temperature firing; the use of chemical parcel method combined with modern high-tech means, the use of special equipment, dedicated furnace control temperature, so that the base firing degree of temperature control within plus or minus twice to ensure the quality of burning out of the porcelain. To ensure pure porcelain red color, bright, non-leg color, decoration unique in the art is superb.  The following is a simple process description:  The first process: selection of exquisite purity and impurity little green body after biscuit firing white, device table formation, Zhou Zhengya letter, uniform thickness of porcelain clay and then fired over 1350 high temperature after the formation of hard, smooth and delicate texture of prime porcelain, each -type shape flowing lines, devices like a harmonious coordination of the various parts, each shape of objects has a strong sense of beauty, the overall material is exquisite and the atmosphere, the pursuit of perfection and varied.  The second process: the deployment of the red pigment is good, Shi red glaze, after a temperature above 1200 , once again firing, a large red heat porcelain. Facilities in the green body red glaze, must be uniform, no more no less.  The third process: According to the painted screen size and shape requirements of coated with a layer of painted white pigments as a painted background, and then through the firing temperature of 800 . This is a white pigment known as across Red grounding. Painting is launched on the white bottoms. This is a very critical one process. Because the material was to be smeared in a white uniform, thickness should be appropriate, too thin it will be revealing following the red paint, the process will be under the influence of color have played Road, will cross color affect the effect of painting, will be in the thick of the Under the cracking temperature of 800 , the next Road painting process is impossible to continue.   Fourth Road Craft: In the white outline on the basis of the contents of the screen a variety of objects, contours, and then placed in the heat of firing.  5th Road Craft: The white contour lines in accordance with good painting after painting. Rely entirely on the screen in high spirits Fu Cai Qiyun come. Fu Cai and then placed under high temperature after the firing, the color on the attached white, then red background color glaze only achievements of high-temperature high-grade porcelain painting.  In t he back and forth for five high-temperature firing process, any weak spots in one link will lead to naught consequences. Visible red porcelain firing temperature difficult.  China Red porcelain is not only breaking the history of a major problem, but also in other aspects of its unique taste better.  In the decorative way, on the one hand, China used more red porcelain is engraved with nine engraved in the green body is designated, tick, or hollowing out the pattern decoration. Outline in gold series of products gives a completely different culture and ancient meanings. Bright red color at the end of outline in gold than any other show at the end of outline in gold more prosperous grand, warm auspicious atmosphere. On the other hand, outline in gold is another important red porcelain decorative way. Outline in gold series products that are rich with different cultures and ancient meaning of red at the end of outline in gold at the end of outline in gold than any other color displayed more stately of prosperity, warm auspicious atmosphere. China Red porcelain outline in gold series with the much dragon and the phoenix or a dragon and phoenix, peony flowers and other traditional decoration patterns.Read more about Saarinen table This is a conscious national traditions inherited and carried forward.  In the arts, the Chinese red porcelain reached a red color art of arts and a high degree of harmony and unity. Because the red is a kind of gives a strong visual impact of color, mix it with other colors, will give a coherent sense of harmony to form a conception of art touched people's hearts is a need to be resolved and the arts. Chinese red painted red and other colors in dealing with the ratio, which for a long time is more so when the moment is so, the color and interactive with, pens Italian scene, Emotion overflowing.  China has opened up a red enamel glaze painted a very broad space for artistic expression, it brings a very rich aesthetic feelings, to the ceramic culture of the humanities into a brand-new connotation. At 1200 to 1300 high temperature to burn out under the bright colors, coloring uniform, high gloss, hue consistent with the big red flag emblem porcelain, highlighting the noble, gorgeous, warm, good fortune, not only the dumping of thousands of Chinese people, more to fill the gaps in the history of the international ceramics.For more info visit   Saarinen table   


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