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10/02/2012 16:22

First, determine the function of your RV: Do you plan to simply vacation with your RV or make it a more long-term or permanent traveling home? Either way, you want your RV to be a comfortable living space for yourself and the family and friends you intend to take along when you use it. Once you have determined the function, it will be easier to decide the type of RV best suited to your needs.Decide whether you want a new or used RV: New RVs are great. Nothing beats having a brand new vehicle. There's a sense of confidence only new ownership can bring, yet there are also other aspects that are compelling to buy new. The manufacturer's warranty is fully in-tact; you can get lower finance rates, lower payments, and longer amortization when purchasing a new RV. Conversely, many used RVs can initially be more affordable, and with a day or two spent adding your own personal touches to the unit, a used RV can provide you just as strong a sense of satisfaction as buying a brand new RV would.Should you rent an RV: Renting an RV is a viable vacation option. Consider how often you will use the RV, where you plan to go with it and for how long, whether or not you have the proper vehicle for tow, or if the RV will need to be a motorized unit. Perhaps you aren't ready to fully commit to such a large purchase, or you want to test the waters before making the commitment to buying your own RV. Read more about rv extended warranty Renting an RV might be the better option for you for short-term summer vacations, weekend trips, or a longer road trip.Look at plenty of RVs before making a final decision: Purchasing an RV is as big of a decision as buying a new car or home, and it should be treated as such. From Class A Motor Homes and campers to Towable Travel Trailers, once you start looking at a variety of RVs, it will be much easier to narrow down your search to finding which RV best suits you and your family's needs.Set a budget: Setting a budget needs careful attention. Consider not just how much money the actual purchase price will be, but also factor in whether or not you will need an extended warranty package, paint and trim protection, insurance, and extras, such as a hitch for your tow vehicle, stabilizer jacks, patio mats, power awning, solar panels, power generation, tank sanitizer chemicals, a water hose, a barbecue, or deck chairs. Calculate your needs into the total budget; then, stick to it. Try to separate your needs from your wants.  For more info visit rv extended warranty  


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