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29/09/2012 22:23

Prior to diving into RTG or Real Time Gaming casinos, you need to know about the RTG bonus codes in advance. It might seem like a bother, but these are great ways to earn additional money using money that you got for free. As far as freebies go, you need to find a way to take advantage of them anyway, particularly when your personal interests are at stake. These bonus codes, or RTG bonus codes are normally utilized for claiming prizes which are offered up regularly at RTG casinos. You can claim such bonuses for being a regular player. You likely will not find anything like this in a real life casino. The Different Bonuses When you use RTG casinos, there are many different bonuses that you can take advantage of. With these bonuses, you'll have motivation to play, and with that motivation comes more money. This is definitely something that you don't want to miss out on! There are also many promotions out there that you can take advantage of, such as new player bonuses, match promotions, comp offers, and even bonuses that are specific to a particular game. You might need to register for the bonus, but then again you might actually be eligible without ever registering. Take the welcome bonus for example. You need to register with the casino to be entitled to that. If you play the online games however, you are instantly entitle to those comp bonuses. Such bonuses can be shown in a percentage, or the exact amount can be shown. If you deposit a total of one hundred dollars, then you will get a fifty percent bonus. Checkout more on RTG Bonus. This will add up to one hundred and fifty dollars. How to Claim Naturally in order to claim your bonuses you're going to need to be a member of the casino, though when you are fully registered the RTG bonuses will be yours to use. You can gain access to these bonus codes as they are normally e-mailed, or even advertised in the casino. Always check your account and read your e-mail to see if you are eligible for any sort of bonus! In order to get the bonus coupons, log in and click 'Bank'. You will see a redeem coupon icon in there, and you will be able to use the bonus codes. These codes are case sensitive, but once you get past that you can make the deposit and begin playing the game. Rules Bonus codes do come with their rules however. Normally these rules are going to be different on each online casino, however some rule are common. They are the following: *Each account will only be allowed one number, which means each family household, and computer. The system is capable of sensing violations, and it will take action in the even that this happens. *You are going to need to have a working e-mail address and telephone number connected with your account before you can actually use the bonus codes. Make sure that you always read the rules of the RTG codes at each and every casino. If you do so you'll be able to take advantage of these codes without any trouble. When you have all of the information you need regarding the RTG codes, your experience will definitely gain some excitement. You'll even have more fun and make more money!For more information pay visit to my informative web page!


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