Rosme Lingere

28/11/2011 20:09

The human heart is made of sweet memories that throw us back in time to savor those things that we did together during our dating relationships with our former love mates. It rekindles the yearning for that person we thought we had buried from our life. Their demeanor and passion plus the flowery romance you had tortures your as you contemplate on how you could go back to what you thought as your former mistake. The reason can easily be because the person you are currently dating might be nothing as compared to your ex. The memories of your former girl friend might become too much and you have no other options but try to change the situation. One of the reasons might be because you were not only lovebirds but also the best of friends. Then as the memories affect your mind more and more, they transcend what you did as romantic individuals but also what you said as friends. To be honest, forgetting such a person is the last thing your mind will ever do. The fact is that what made you to fall out from your dating relationship was big as to warrant you to stay for a couple of months or even years from her. You might not have insinuated on affecting her like that, since you might have had very good intentions but your emotions took the best of you. You might have angrily yelled at her or even hit her, something that you would never have done in normal circumstances. On the other hand you must have disrespected him and appeared adulterous, yet the guy he met you with was just one of your former male friends that you had met before you started dating him. His anger and words might have depicted his jealous nature and had hurt you so much for you to stay with him any longer.Whatever might have happened was very unfortunate, since that thing that breaks a flourishing dating relationship is usually something that cannot be underestimated. Read more about Rosme Lingere. The incidence might end your union forever with your romantic relationship becoming a thing of the past. If at all you have a chance of ever getting together, she or he must first agree to with no strings attached to forgive you. You can lead him/her into forgiving you if you could clearly tell him/her that you did totally mess everything up and how you are sorry that you acted like that. Apologize to her/him as you plan to begin dating again. Admit to your ex that you are really wrong about the happenings of the day as you continued to apologize for that behavior that broke you part. The best thing is to be candid about your feelings for him/her as you try to explain categorically what transpired as you promise that it will never occur again. Confess that you messed things up and the reason as to why you trust him or her. Let him/her know how sorry you really are. For more info visit Rosme Lingere.



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