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17/12/2011 20:35

Revision rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure.It is used to repair problems with either appearance or function. The function can result from a prior rhinoplasty procedure. It is quite different from a rhinoplasty. Since the plastic surgeon ought to understand the problems with the first surgery and take steps to correct it.If you are not satisfied with the results of a previous rhinoplasty process, the revision rhinoplasty can be acted out for patients.The surgery requires a very experienced cosmetic surgeon. The surgeon is able to deal with patients' issues successfully.Finally,it can bring satisfied results and improve the patient's overall appearance. Actually, according to the consultation for these surgeries, they are have similarity.While the revision rhinoplasty is important to determine how to best correct the problems with the original procedure.The consultation for the revision rhinoplasty procedure is similar to the consultation for the original rhinoplasty except it will be important to determine how to best correct the problems with the original process.At first,it's necessary to examine the structure of your nose and take a medical history for your surgeon.The surgeon will tell you all aspects of the procedure including the technique, the facility, the anesthesia, and the costs.A good surgeon will spend a lot of time to explain details.And he/she also will answer any questions you may have. Except for the consultation,a revision rhinoplasty is very similar to a regular rhinoplasty.However,if a poor surgeon made the first procedure,it may be difficult to do next steps.Read more about Rhinoplasty Directory.Sometimes the revision rhinoplasty surgeon may discover that there were too much bone and cartilage. And these bone and cartilage had to be removed in the first procedure.If there is such case, the process will become a bit more complicated.If possible, the plastic surgeon can use the open or closed rhinoplasty technique. During open rhinoplasty surgery, the incisions are made on the outside of the nose between the nostrils;During closed rhinoplasty surgery, the incisions are made only on the inside of the nose.It can take two or more hours to complete a revision rhinoplasty.Generally,if you choose to undergo this surgery, it will have less pain than primary rhinoplasty.The pain medication also can be prescribed to help control any discomfort.However,you must arrange for someone to drive you home after this surgery for your safety.If the patients have less pain,swelling and bruising, most of them can return to work from the rhinoplasty process.It takes them about a week to have a good rest.For more info visit Rhinoplasty Directory.


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