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28/02/2012 01:50

Probably the most fun part of customizing a prize wheel is making your own prize cards. It is not as hard as you may think. Just go to the Event Prize Games website, go to the templates page, and download the template for the wheel that you will be using. For example, if you purchased the 40" Big Wheel, download the Big Prize Wheel Template. They are available in Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Acrobat. Everyone has their own preference but, for all intents and purposes, Microsoft Word seems to be the most versatile software for the job.Create a list of prizes that you will be offering. While cash prizes are the simplest to create prize cards for, you can also offer discounts on products or services or high-end consumer electronics like television sets or a DVD player. The prize is not nearly as important as the creative design of the prize cards. Once you have an idea of what you will be offering, open the template and start making changes to suit your prize wheel campaign. You can change the background color, use a different clip art image, and type your prize. You may have to change the font size so that the text does not appear cramped on the prize card.Read more about rent a prize wheel in Phoenix Repeat the process, saving each prize card as its own word file. If you do not have legal-size paper in the office, you will have to go out and get some. Make sure it is good quality so that the ink does not bleed and the colors are as vibrant as possible. Print the cards. If you intend to use the same type of prizes over and over, and you want your prize cards to keep for a long time, consider laminating the prize card before cutting it out of the template. Slide the prize cards into the wheel and give it a spin. Ideally, the prize wheel will have a vibrant, colorful appearance as it spins.Make sure you vary the color of the prize cards so that the wheel does not have a dull appearance when you spin. Also, be sure to include some "no win" or "spin again" prizes to make the game more challenging. After all, who doesn't like to "have to spin again" when everyone is having fun? After you have customized all your prize cards, download the template for the center plate to boost your branding exposure. Brand you center plate by using the removable labels in your prize wheel purchase box. Print directly onto the removable label and stick it onto the center plate. The center plate will magnetize to the prize wheel so branding is fast and easy. You'll love the fun you'll have creating prizes for a prize wheel and your customers will enjoy it the fun it brings.For more info visit  rent a prize wheel in Phoenix           


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