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11/10/2011 22:58


A render farm services provider has announced five major changes in the company which will lead to numerous advantages to the 3D animation industry.1. Adoption of green energy – The company has been using only green power, provided by Naturstrom AG, Germany’s top independent provider of entirely renewable energy. The company’s energy source is made of 58% water, 41.5% wind and 0.5% sun. On the other hand the typical energy mix of an average render farm is made of 47% carbon, 27% atomic energy, 14% oil or gas and 12% green energy.2. Development of the no-cost Farminizer software – The Farminizer from Rebus is a free of charge download allowing 3D developers to render their work flawlessly with a simple mouse click. They can begin a render task within their preferred 3D software and save the rendered frames to a local folder. The Windows version of the Farminizer supports Cinema 4D, 3ds Max, Maya 3D, Softimage XSI, Modo and Lightwave 3D. For the time being, Maxwell Render is only supported in beta mode. The MAC version of the Farminizer supports Maya 3D, Cinema 4D, Modo and Lightwave 3D, while the support for Maxwell Render is also available in beta mode. Naturally, if the selected 3D software of the developer is not supported by the Farminizer, they can render it in the conventional way.3. Increased processing power – Presently, Rebus Farm works on 140 Intel XEON E5420 and 112 Intel Q6600 processors, each of them with 8GB RAM and 64bit OS. The collective processing power reaches 2500GHZ.4. Implementation of staggered discount plan – In fact, the more customers render, the less is the cost they pay per GHZ.Read more about render farm Thus, customers are able to save between 10% and 60% in their render job.5. Restructure of website – Their website has been significantly improved to simplify things for the increasing 3D community. The new enhanced website includes tutorials for Farminizer, cost calculator and various other utilities as well for 3D developers.For more info visit render farm

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