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Even before the days of the digital remix maker, a few bands have included some form of sampling in their recordings, but the trend became widespread as the early  rappers began to feature on the charts. It was not long after, that a few prominent rappers found themselves sued by the composers of some of the songs they had sampled. In most cases, with handsome royalty payments on offer, the original artists were happy to settle out of court.These days, the playing fields of music creation have altered beyond recognition. Some musicians create music for the specific purpose of selling it as samples, while others make their creations available to be downloaded for free to a variety of online sample libraries.As a music studio producer, you should find these websites of interest for your remixing, creating new musical experiences for your target audience.The website findsounds How would you like to be able to pinpoint each unique sound requirement by searching for it? This website does not offer any of their own samples, but acts as a search engine. Enter your request in the search bar and hit go. You may be surprised by the results.The website humanworkshopThis website has many sections, such as articles and media, but also offers a few top-notch DJ sets that you can download. The format is in mp3, but bear in mind that these are super-large files.The option FreeSounds from the website abstractbeats This website claims to be one of the oldest of its kind. When you register to receive the newsletter, you can also expect to be sent your own free samples every month. You should checkout more on Remix.  They are released in WAV and SND formats.The website platinumloopsHere you can buy a large assortment of samples, in packages showcasing different genres such as guitar, drum and bass, Latin, trance, hardcore, ska, reggae, Arabic, African, Nu-metal and classical. Include something from a completely different discipline into your mixes, by looking at the instrumentation of the classical orchestra. A short sample of each individual sound can be downloaded for free as an mp3 file. Some of the unique sounds available include tuba, trombone, double bass, cello, French and English horns, violin, viola, guitar, oboe, mandolin, bassoon, banjo and clarinet. You can choose which pitch to use, and different lengths and articulation levels are available. Producers are always keen to explore uncharted territory, and with this unique database, you can utilize an area that may surprise the competition.The website synthzoneThis portal site features links to a variety of other sites with available samples. Check it out, but be advised that some of the links are no longer functional.The website jimdooley This website focuses only on drum patterns, but some of them are well worth checking out. Beats available include afro-rock, alternative, punk hard-core, various types of metal and rock, groove and also world patterns. With each listing, Jim Dooley includes details such as style and tempo.Read alot more on this blog!


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