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13/01/2012 21:14

Well when omegle and chatroulette came out it created a new field of social networking which was random chatting. With their video capabilities, users were able to log on and just by the click of next, they would meet a swell of strangers from all over the world. In theory, it was awesome. On a stale day you could sit down at home and by random chat meet so many new strangers in the world and connect with a handful of them to actual new friendships.However in practice, even though it started out awesome, a website like chatroulette soon had fame problems. Since it had no registration process, anyone could log on without having to give up their identity. Most of them would pull up and show off their genitals on webcam making sure their face is not shown. The phenomenon then grew to a point that by the peak of chatroulette you couldn't click on next 3 times without seeing a man showing off his genitals. That was a huge problem, people obviously didn't want to see this and slowly but surely they started dropping off turning random chat into a fade. Another problem random chat had at the beginning was its lack of girls and the fact that most males came on just to chat with girls. It's quite normal if they are straight however to sustain the phenomenon websites need to change that aspect. However now past its peak, is random chatting worth the antagonism? Random chat is pretty cool, it's not about the voyeurisque aspect of human beings or the fact that websites like omegle were publicized a lot. The fact is that random chat websites tells us the most core thing about human beings, they like to interact. Humans like interaction, they like to meet people, they like to talk and connect, so when you build a website that allows them to do that easily it was all but normal it would pick up stream. That is the reason why social networking websites always get so many members. Read more about Random chat.Im messengers released before allowed users you to chat and stay connected with their friends and family. Chatrooms allowed people to meet new people but since it was all by text it felt like online dating. With random video chatting, you break those barriers earlier on and get to connect with people you meet like you were on the street actually talking to them. Also the way the first random chat websites where made you clicked next to meet a new person. However with progress, you would be able to use aspects of random chat and video chat in every aspect of online networking to help you meet and interact with people, say in an online group you are part of. It allows people to meet new people that could eventually become their friends. Many websites did that before but without the video chat part integrated it doesn't feel the same way. With video chatting websites you can meet, talk and connect with them much more. Isn't that everyone wants? The good thing is that with random chat 2.0 websites coming out, it will make it easier to meet people that are relevant to you and with whom you are mostly likely to connect with. There will be more filters to meet people say in your school, region or any country of your choice or age of your choice. There won't be pervs showing off anymore and it would keep you engaged so it is something you shouldn't give up on yet. For more info visit Random chat.


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