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26/10/2011 17:13

Fundraising for causes such as non-profits, charities, political campaigns, churches, schools, groups, and more, are gravitating to the Internet to raise money, more and more every single day.
Reason being, is that using the Internet to raise money online is proving to be a much more effective way to increase donations for causes, while decreasing the amount of time that actually goes into fundraising.
Traditionally, causes that run fundraising campaigns will commonly use various fundraising practices such as car washes, raffle tickets, cookie dough fundraisers, baked good sales, candy sales, door to door canvassing, and cold calling, which typically take a lot of time to do, while only seeing a 50% profit on average.
Think about it, if you are selling candy bars, for lets say, $2 a piece, and only make $1 profit for each bar sold, and it takes you 5 hours to sell 20 candy bars on average, you are only netting $20 in profit for 5 hours of "asking" people to buy a candy bar, which they might not even want, but feel "compelled" to help you. Basically, you are only making $4 per hour for your fundraising needs. That is less than the Federal Minimum Wage standard! If you need to raise $1,000 for your cause, it would take you 250 hours to sell 1,000 candy bars. If you were to fundraise for 8 hours per day, it would take you 31.25 days to raise $1,000. Wow, that's a lot of time, for little return!Read more about raise money online
There has to be a better way, right? Yes. There is, and it's called the Internet. There are many resources available on the web to help your cause raise money, but some can be quite costly to use, others have set-up, monthly costs, and other fees associated with them as well, and if you are not a major, well-funded company, or just getting started up, how will you be able to get donations? Simple, seek out the resources that grant free tools or at minimum very low cost tools to help you fundraise online.
By using the Internet to fundraise for your cause, you can raise money much faster and with minimal effort, just by simply emailing your friends and family with a link to your fundraiser's donation page, along with "sharing" your cause on Facebook, Twitter, and/or your website or blog as well. But, make sure to share a working link to your donation page and don't be afraid to ask your social network to donate to your cause, or a cause that you care about.
People love to give! According to the Giving USA foundation, Americans gave $303.74 billion in 2009 to charitable organizations. That's a lot of money, and you too can receive donations to your cause as well.For more info visit raise money online


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