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20/02/2012 22:51

The best way to showcase the beauty of a Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring is by setting it on white gold. Traditionally, gemstones have been combined with silver, sterling silver, platinum or the said lighter color gold because the combination of diamonds on silver metals is breathtaking. The traditional yellow gold which we are so used to seeing on so many fingers will always be in vogue. However, because of the popularity of Platinum, the lighter gold is making some strong waves in the jewelry trade.It's popularity stems from the fact that you cannot tell it apart from Platinum without testing. Side by side, these two precious metals look exactly the same to the naked eye. So for those who can't afford the extremely high price tag of Platinum, the lighter colored gold is a excellent option.Combine that with the fact that a Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring is going to cost less than a Brilliant Cut, Asscher Cut and less than most of the other diamond shapes but still brings the beauty, and again, you have a winner indeed! Princess cut diamonds are very popular because they are unique in shape and a pretty recent invention of the jewelry industry.The reason these Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings cost less than their counterparts boils down to the fact that they retain about eighty percent of the weight of the original gemstone and they allow designers and expert cutters to effectively hide imperfections such as trapped gas bubbles that would normally ruin a diamond. Because of their unique shape, a buyer has a myriad of designs to choose from. One very popular design for this ever popular gemstone is what we call the trilogy ring.The trilogy ring has a romantic history and story behind it. It consists of three gemstones set consecutively, with the central gemstone being the largest and the two stones on the side being slightly smaller. Read more about princess cut engagement rings The story behind the trilogy is that the three gemstones represents the couples past, their present and of course their future. This makes the trilogy ring the ultimate celebration of love, romance, togetherness, family and eternity.Of course, the largest of the gemstone on the Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, which is in the middle, clearly represents the present. The romantic side of presenting a trilogy to someone is this; you are actually saying that you have bequeathed your past, your present and your future to them and with them. If that isn't romantic I don't know what romance is! These gemstones set on the Platinum looking gold make for a truly remarkable gift.If the beauty and the sparkle of the round brilliant appeals to you and the sleek simplicity and stunning elegance of platinum is what you truly desire but without the costs. Then you should really look into owning fine jewelry that combines all of the qualities of the Brilliant and Platinum without the price and that would be a Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring on white gold!   For more info visit princess cut engagement rings


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