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03/12/2011 15:10

Difficulty doing the basic activities of daily life means that you might have a long term care insurance need. Anyone needing assistance in personal areas such as dressing themselves or grocery shopping is also a candidate. There are many instances where a person may need the help of long term care. This special care can cost a fortune.Many people think you have to be old to have a long term care insurance need. While it's true, many older people do need long term care, it can be necessary in a variety of situations. Mental retardation is just one instance where long term care insurance might be necessary. Car accidents and neurological disorders can arise out of nowhere to become serious issues.If you have this type of need, then normal health insurance will not cover it. In America, medicare with sometimes cover a fraction of the cost, but social security and medicaid do not. Live in nurses, daily therapist, and assisted living are all covered under most long term care insurance policies. Without this type of coverage, it's nearly impossible to cover the expenses of long term care. Financially, care provided by family members is the smartest option, but it's not always the best one. Someone living with a long term care insurance need may feel embarrassed at the thought of burdening their loved ones. They could also feel shame at having to have someone help them with needs of a personal nature. Things like bathing, and going to the bathroom. This is understandable. It is common to want a stranger to help with long term care.Another benefit of having a live in nurse or daily therapists is that, a person can stay in their own home. This type of assistance can add to the comfort of someone in a bad situation and is covered under most L. T. C policies. Having a long term care insurance need can cause feelings of depression. These feelings can lead to thoughts of suicide or self loathing. This is typical in policy holders who were the victims of life changing accidents or people who lead normal lives and now can't. The reason for their present condition doesn't matter to someone with feelings of inadequacy. Foundations and charities are hard at work on cures for long term disability.Read more about Phillip j cannella. One day a cure for every aliment will be available. Until that time comes, we must be prepared. A long term care insurance need can arise suddenly, leaving little to no time for preparation. Having a good insurance policy will secure future finances. Long term care policies can't be canceled by insurance companies due to health reasons.L. T. C insurance is only found in America and England. In neighboring countries like Canada medical assistance is free. Most third world countries don't have the regulation to have this kind of system set up.Insurance companies sometimes get a bad reputation for good business practices. If you have a loved one with a long term care insurance need, then business is probably your last concern. However, if you can't afford a long term care insurance policy, then family may be your only option.For more info visit Phillip j cannella.


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