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03/12/2011 22:57

Building a Successful PracticeIt is estimated that 70-80% of investors who deal with a stockbroker, financial planner or advisor will change advisors before retirement. Some will make the change while in their fifties, others will wait until their early or mid-sixties. The reason for the change is simple: Investors view their financial person as being "growth oriented," an accumulator who is not an expert when it comes to structuring income. When the change is made, a retirement specialist is sought.Clients Change AdvisorsOver the past couple of years, the brokerage industry has begun to promote retirement income, but the campaign has been limited and met with skepticism by investors. After all, advisory account compensation is based on assets under management-distributions only erode the advisor/broker base. The retirement benefit specialist has a very different agenda: maximizing periodic distributions at an acceptable risk level.Investors are generally loyal to their broker or advisor, but such a relationship usually ends once the investor gets serious about retirement planning. It is not that they no longer like their advisor, they simply view this person as not having the expertise to help them with the income phase of their life. Enter the retirement plan specialist.Retirement SpecialistThe vast majority of your peers and competitors promote themselves as being able to do everything for the investor. This makes it difficult for any advisor to differentiate themselves. It is always the specialist we seek out when a problem arises (e.g., car mechanics who specialize in foreign cars, the doctor who only does a certain type of eye surgery, etc.). This is a lesson brokers, planners and advisors have still not learned. For example, how often do you see an advisor who advertises as a "retirement plan specialist" or simply a "retirement specialist?"The specialist makes the most money and has the least complicated life. A retirement benefit specialist can hone his skills by concentrating on a very narrow aspect of the financial services industry, thereby differentiating himself and minimizing concerns.Even though it appears the retirement specialist is "leaving money on the table," the reality is quite different. A portion of a client's portfolio may be in CDs, government securities and fixed-rate annuities, but another part may be in growth-oriented mutual funds that include a systematic withdrawal plan. And, just because someone is in an income mode does not mean she no longer needs insurance or no longer desires to fund a grandchild's college fund.Competitive EdgeDuring a brokerage firm's annual meeting in a big conference hall, someone from Harley Davidson rides down the aisle in a motorcycle towards the podium.Read more about Phil Cannella Complaints. He parks the bike, steps up to the podium, looks at the audience of surprised advisors and says, "What's your sound?" Harley's have a special sound but how many brokers do you know have their own "sound?" No one can distinguish the sound between a Honda, Suzuki, BMW or other bike-except a Harley. This is why the company has trademarked their sound.What makes you different? Why would someone want you to manage their money instead of a neighbor, friend or golfing buddy who does the same thing? Investment products have largely become "commoditized" and offered by everyone. Ed Slott has made a fortune by becoming the IRA-go-to-guy; he is frequently quoted in publications and is considered an expert. Ed has a lucrative practice of advising brokers, and fee-based seminars and referrals. Someone else could have filled such a position, but Ed was first and will probably not be replaced. You could become the retirement plan specialist in your county or the retirement specialist that is referred by accountants and lawyers.Understand Your Customers and ProspectsPeople seek out and feel comfortable with a specialist. The first step to becoming an income specialist or retirement specialist is to obtain certification marks that distinguish you from others. Being a designee shows everyone that you have the specialized training necessary to handle their income needs.For more info visit Phil Cannella Complaints.


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