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29/11/2011 18:57

Kitchen cabinets might possibly be the most beat up things in our homes. They opened and closed over and over during the day. Grease may splatter unnoticed onto a kitchen cabinet. Cabinets are even exposed to dramatic changes in their surrounding air. When we roast a turkey in the oven, the kitchen becomes dry. Then a little while later the air in the kitchen is very humid as we boil potatoes.It is important to keep cabinets clean inside and out to help them last longer. But even regular cleaning can't protect against damage to the paint. If your cabinets are looking ragged, you may not need to replace them; you may want to think about painting them.Painting your cabinets is not really that big of a chore. If you enjoy doing things yourself cleaned, this can be a fun project. There are four basic steps you will want to take.First, make sure the cabinets are thoroughly cleaned.Read more about painted cabinets You want to make sure that all grease, food, dirt and anything else is removed. It is probably best to take the doors off too. Use a good anti-bacterial kitchen cleaner and scrub them completely with a rag an them dry them or let them air dry fully.Next perform a light sanding. Using sandpaper of 150 grit or finer, gently go over the surfaces a few times. This will make the surface more open to the primer and paint.Then apply your primer. A primer will hold better to the cabinet than will only paint. Primer will help protect against future chips and cracking of the paint. The right type of primer depends on what kind of paint you intend to use. Oil based paint will work best with oil based paint. For latex paint, a shellac primer is best. Primers have strong fumes, so open any windows and allow for ventilation.Once these steps are complete, you are ready to paint! Elect a high quality 2.5-3 inch paint brush. Apply think layers of paint. Do not attempt to rush through the process by putting on just one thick layer. Allow each coat to completely dry before adding another.For more info visit painted cabinets



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