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03/10/2011 06:15

About Time WatchCompany is definitely an Authorized Oris Watch Dealer. All Oriswatches are brand spanking new and come with the Oris Factory International warranty.

In they’re over 100-year historythe watchmakers of Oris were living through both turbulent and quiet times. Discover the worldsof Oris and also the accomplishment story with Oris mechanical watches all across the world. The talewalks you on a tripthrough time from the foundation of the Hölstein manufacturer to today’s dynamic business.

Oris is based in the beautiful village of Hölstein in the North-west ofSwitzerland. The location waschosen by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian, watchmakers from Le Locle, whenthey founded the organization in 1904.Oris is the title of a brookand valley in close proximity to Hölstein.It has its origins in the Celtish ‘Aurisa’ and Roman ‘Orusz’ signifying watercourse.

5 top reasons to own an Oris watch.

1. PurelyMechanical

Oris is the world’s top designerof mechanical watches up to CHF4000. Oris makes onlymechanical watches (watches without batteries). The red rotor is the symbol of Oris mechanicals and it isa registered trademark.

2. Characteristic Patterns

Oris watches have unique faces andfunctions. Oris design is clean and followsthedesign and styleconcept form followsfunction.

3. Swiss Quality

Oris watches are manufacturedby Swiss workmen. Oris watches aremade for daily use. Oris watches fulfill the finestquality requirements.Read more about Oris Watches

4. Proud Traditions

Oris has a proud heritageof over a century of watch manufacturing in Hölstein, Switzerland. Oris has constantlydesigned mechanical watches.

5. Dedicated to Personalities

Oris grows timepieces togetherwith individuality from the areas of motor sport, diving, aviation and traditions. These people support and wear Oris watches. Oris watches are passedon from one generation toanother.For more info visit Oris Watches




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