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02/09/2011 00:20

It is something that has been called for by almost every fan of the Call of Duty series of games dating right back to the original game, the chance to have two players online at the same time, on the same machine.
The decision to include the feature will not only increase the hours of which players spend on the game but will also mean that they are able to reach out to other members of the public that have never even thought about buying the game, increasing their sales further.
The chance to play the game with your friend while still battling up to a further 16 players at one time is addictive and once you get over the fact that your screen is split right down the middle of your television or monitor, you soon become able to spark a great partnership if that's what you choose to do, or you could both simply just run about and kill anything that moves.
With the addition of 2 player action from the same machine in more than co-op modes, TreyArch and Activision have also created a whole new level of online community, with players from all over the world looking to be friends with gamers both on the game and off it, heading to Call of Duty Black Ops Forums to have a small break with a big topic.Read more Online actions.
Joining a Call of Duty Black Ops Forum is easy and is completely free of charge on many sites, meaning that you can simply register in a matter of minutes and then be speaking to gamers just like you that live for the game and anything to do with the series.For more info visit Online actions


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