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06/10/2012 11:14

Before you jump in the car and rent office space, sit down with your broker and make a list of requirements you need at your new location.Needed items may include:Square Footage: How much do you need? How much of it needs to be office? Do you need any storage space?Dock/Drive-in Access: Do you have frequent bulk deliveries? What size truck makes those deliveries?Location: Do you have to be downtown? Do you have a lot of walk-in traffic from customers? Where is your customer base?Class: How nice of a space do you need? Do you want marble entryways, or will a plywood interior suffice?Highway Accessibility: Do you need a warehouse facility with easy access to major highways?Specific Zoning: Is your use constrained to a limited number of zoning types? Get a good feel for your locale's zoning regulations.Lease Term: How long do you want to lease a space for? Are you growing quickly and only needing short-term space?Lease Rate: How much can you afford monthly and annually? What is the most you can pay?Layout: Do you have a call center that necessitates an open floor plan? Do want to maximize the number of private executive offices?Nearby Amenities: How many employees do you have? Do they need access to restaurants and retail? Do you need hotels nearby for your out-of-town clients?Parking: How many spaces do you need?Build-to-SuitAnother option for a prospective tenant is to do a "build-to-suit." A build-to-suit is simply a deal in which the landlord agrees to build you a building on her land for a specific rate and term.The SearchOnce you've narrowed down exactly what you need, it's time to look for space. Your broker will do a search of the areas you like and come up with a detailed report. Take a look at what she's come up with, and drill down which ones you'd like to tour. Keep an open mind while you rent office space, as a property that may not look good on paper may be a perfect fit in person.The TourDepending on scheduling and availability, your broker will probably set up a half or full day of property tours. For more information click on Office For Rent in Canoga Park. Bring some water, something to write on, and your enthusiasm for the search. Ask yourself the following questions as you tour:
How easy was it to get here?
Will my clients and customers be able to find me?
Now that I've seen the space, is it truly sufficient for my needs?
Will the safety of my employees be ensured at this location?
Is there sufficient outdoor lighting?
Can I imagine myself doing business here?
What kind of improvements will have to be made before I move in?
Can the current ceiling height support my needs?
How many parking spots are there?
Are the space's utilities sufficient for my needs (e.g., water and electricity)?Don't be afraid to ask the listing agent if you can have a few minutes with your broker. When I'm touring a party through one of my spaces, I like to give them some time to wander around without me listening in.You may want to comment to your broker about how filthy the place is or simply ask about something you're too embarrassed to ask in mixed company.Once the tours are complete, tell your broker which properties you are interested in, and inform him if you want him to expand the search. You may need to reevaluate some of your requirements to find a suitable space.Click on this Link to findout more!


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