Nigerian scams

07/08/2011 22:21

This Nigerian scam escalates rapidly once you show the interest in it. Let us make it clear with an example.Assume that you have received a purchase order for your company's product. However, intentionally, the initial order won't be large; the scammers will usually start off with a sample order which will be paid with a bogus credit card or a draft. These fake importers will lure you, saying that they will be placing a big order soon. Aiming at the big order, you will send the sample to them. After some days, you will receive an email stating that your sample has been approved for sale and all you have to do is to send 500 U.S. dollars (sometimes even more) to get you registered to trade your products in their country. Falling into temptation you will send the cash for registration also. However, you won't receive any bulk order thereafter, and you won't be able to contact the importers also. Simply, your money is gone!However, this Nigerian scam can be avoided easily. Credit cards and demand drafts from Nigeria, Togo, Cameroon, Benin, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Ghana can be avoided. Ship the goods only after receiving the money in your account, which you can withdraw. In addition, keep in mind that it takes up to three weeks to clear an International deposit. Even your bank should confirm it in writing.Moreover, this Nigerian scam is often dangerous physically too. Wondering how? In some cases you will be asked to travel to Nigeria to complete a transaction. You will also be told that no visa is required to enter the country. Entering Nigeria without a valid visa is a serious offense.Read more about  Nigerian scams So how do the scammers get benefited in this? These cunning scammers bribe the airport officials and tell them to allow the marketer to pass the immigration and customs. Hence the victim's illegal entry into the country will be used by the scammers as leverage to coerce the victim into releasing funds. If the victims don't obey to what the scammers say, then the will be killed!To protect yourself, say no any offer if you feel something fishy. Never provide any personal details if you are not sure about the genuineness of the importer. The main thing is to report the abuse if found so that thousands of people will be saved from it.For more info visit Nigerian scams


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