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09/11/2011 16:56

Why Use a Mobile Spy SoftwareA mobile spy software could be a handy way to monitor someone's behavior over the mobile phone. Spouses could use them find out all of a partner's correspondences with everyone else to confirm a suspicion of cheating. Parents could use them to find out where schoolchildren and teenagers spend their time after school, and to determine if they will lie about it afterwards. Company management could use them to determine whether there are employees making unnecessary phone calls that could be the reasons behind their soaring company-paid mobile phone bills, or whether there are personnel that pass off company trade secrets to a rival company. Mobile spy software, when installed at someone's mobile phone, could record all communication taking place at that mobile phone, like call logs (length and time), text messages, and Internet activities. It is even possible to use mobile spies to track down a person's location at any time through GPS. For more information about the features of your spy software, inquire with your software vendor. A Guide to Using A Mobile Spy ProductTo get the software installed, first, check whether the mobile phone is compatible with the software; that could be easily done by checking the software's website. Then buy the software from the website. Some websites offer free software that could be used for a limited period before you purchase a license. After you order (purchasing details vary from website to website; you have to give them your billing information), look at your e-mail and you'll notice a link that will give you the installation instructions. The software may also contain a manual that will give detailed instructions for installation and use. Once installed, the user of the cell phone will never know that the mobile spy is already installed. Therefore there is no way, by accident, that the software will be found out by the one spied on. Only the one who installed the mobile spy has the opportunity to change the software settings. Read more about Mobile Spy.In the e-mail, find out the keystroke sequence that will bring up the software settings, then choose the type of internet connection where phone logs will be uploaded, then choose the specific activities to be monitored, then allow monitoring to proceed. (It is possible to disable monitoring.) Then the cell phone spy will begin recording the desired data. All obtained information is passed on to the software owner's mobile spy account on the Internet - and the one who is spied on will have no clue until they eventually know. The spy account could be accessed anytime and anywhere from a place with a computer with a running Internet connection. While logged in, information could be viewed, sorted, or deleted at one's convenience. Before ordering spy software, it is also important to find out whether the website from where the software will be ordered is reliable or not. Many websites offer cell phone spy software at an incredibly cheap price; that should ring some bells to you. If you don't know whether a website is trustworthy or not, just go to other websites; there are many that, while a bit expensive, will assure you that your gathered information is secure and your money is worth it.For more information visit Mobile Spy.


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