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02/11/2011 12:17

Billboards are a highly successful way to advertise to travelers. Sometimes they merely inform them that what they are looking for, a gas station or restaurant, are a certain distance and which exit to take. Others actually entice travelers to interrupt their travel plans to take advantage of a special offer. Because highway billboards, though successful, have several disadvantages, some have provided a way to fly the billboard over a large gathering of people. These are called aerial billboards and they are also very successful.Highway and aerial billboards have several disadvantages though. To answer these problems, companies are offering mobile billboard advertising. This is essentially making the billboard smaller and moving it to the people instead of waiting for moving people to see it. This is done by attaching a huge ad on the side of a truck or trailer and moving it into high population areas. It is no more than a truck or trailer with a sign on the side. In this case, the sign is not advertising the product of the truck's owner, but that of the truck's renter.The first advantage of this method is that it attracts passive attention. Aerial billboards are a novelty and capture the attention of people for a brief time as a result. Mobile billboards are just 'there.' People tend to read what is before them if it is presented in an attractive way. Because they read it slowly and perhaps repeatedly, the message will more likely get through. Mobile billboards are not dependent on the weather either. Inclement weather can cancel the flight of an aerial billboard, but the ad on the side of a truck will be there, rain or shine.Read more about Mobile Billboards.Also, mobile billboards, unlike aerial billboards, are at the eye level of the populous. They don't demand immediate attention by looking up. Like highway billboards, the message is right before them as they drive by. But unlike highway billboards, mobile billboards can be located in front of a store or service center to invite people to come in.Another advantage of mobile billboards is that there is virtually no time limit to reading the message. An aerial billboard allows about 17 seconds of reading time. A highway billboard would be about the same. Mobile billboards however could be read continually in traffic or parked in a prominent place.With the readers closer and able to read more leisurely, more specific information can be posted. The message need not be concise and sparing of detail. People have time to read it and, in fact, they may even to jot down an address, phone number, or webpage address.Mobile billboards do not wait for a few motorists to drive by and notice them. They are located where the people are, and where the product is being offered. Think of stationing your ad in a prominent place in the parking lot of a major baseball, football, or car racing stadium. Think how many people could read your ad before the parking lot is once again emptied that same day!Billboards are obviously a successful means of advertising, and have been for many years. Mobile billboards take the message to the public in an unobtrusive way. It may be just another message on the side of a truck or trailer, but this time it is your message and you didn't have to buy the truck.For more info visit Mobile Billboards.


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