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When you do a search on the internet for "MLM Software" on Google and you will be presented with literally hundreds of software vendors. Look a little closer and you will notice some do not even have a way to contact a real live person, not even a phone number… seems a little odd doesn't it?Other MLM software vendors display fancy screenshots of the type of system you'll pay for, but not always what you are going to receive. And yet others are operating out of a country where you know their support staff will have difficulty speaking to you in your time zone, let alone understand your products and compensation plan!Capable, is not as difficult as it seemsFirst off, picture in your mind exactly what you want from your system and make notes on paper to help you stay focussed. Don't let any salesman steer you off course. If you aren't going to be marketing in Africa, you don't need a Swahili language pack, even if it is a great deal. Be absolutely sure to ask for scalable software so that you don't need to pay for fancy modules in advance!Make a shortlist of MLM software providers, and take a look at their complete Features List, and compare "apples-to-apples". This will help you shorten your list.Contact the ones that appeal to you. Ask yourself these questions… are their sales and support staff available when you need them? Do they talk knowledgably about the industry? Do they speak professionally about their competition and the industry in general? If any one of the answers make you feel uneasy, there's a good chance they'll not be interested in building a relationship with you after they have been paid… negative people rarely change their attitudes, and you simply cannot work with negative people in business.Don't be surprised or offended if a vendor says they would rather "pass" on your business, from experience they are probably smart enough to know that a wobbly relationship with you now, could cause bad feelings later on, and that's not good for either of you.How long have they been in business? If they haven't been around for very long, it's likely they won't be for much longer… probably just long enough to take your money and watch you go out of business.Discuss your needs in depth (very important). Ask yourself, do you really feel like they are paying attention to YOUR needs? If not, they probably do not care what you have to say at all and are probably thinking about what they are going to spend your money on.A seasoned professional software company will want to introduce you to members of their staff; the guys that will actually be responsible for making your dream become a reality. Our industry after all, is based on relationships and it will be nice for you to know your vendor cares enough to show you how proud they are of their team members. Compensation PlansProgrammers need to understand your compensation plan, and you will want answers to questions regarding how and when to pay a certain bonus. You can't expect anyone to fully understand your needs it they don't ask you for clarity on at least some points. If they don't ask, they don't care! Test-drive the softwareIn other industries, you would expect to be able to test-drive a product or service, why shouldn't you be able to test drive your MLM software without parting with your hard earned money first? Most importantly, take an in-depth tour of their working system, and allow up to a couple of hours of live online GoToMeeting demonstration, are they being impatient? I once did some research on MLM software and quite frankly I was hard pressed to find an MLM software vendor that measured up. Some offered to help me spend money, some offered to change my compensation plan to suit them and some just waffled around awkwardly when I asked for a working demonstration. Most changed the subject when I mentioned a free trial period!Am I biased, YES!For 25 years I worked diligently to build as the owner. Their business model was based on building a team of true MLM specialists from customer support staff to programmers and each were required to understand the industry and unique things that are demanded by their clients.My staff listened and they were genuinely interested in every aspect of my Vision Plan for the company. None of our employees were employed to be "propeller-head programmers", they were professional network marketing developers that were not just programming compensation plans, but were helping build our strategic partners dream companies.You don't have to buy MLM software, just rent it! One year ago I retired but still do some consulting and marketing.Read more about MLM Software I decided to hand over MultiSoft to the professionals who had built the company over the past 25 wonderful years.The new team headed by President Robert Proctor recently considered the current state of the economy and realized that money is tight for entrepreneurs and he devised a new SaaS business model where clients don't have to buy their MLM software, they just rent it! Pay only the first and last month ASP fees.While it is certainly self serving to advise you to go with MultiSofts' MarketPowerPRO software system, I highly recommend that you take a good hard look at what other vendors have to offer and truly compare it to MultiSoft's product, because one thing I am confident about is that they really know their stuff after 25 years of being in business.Oh yes, MultiSoft still has the same phone number they had over 15 years ago! 239-945-6433 and their websites and have recently been updated with new offers.For more info visit MLM Software


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