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A lot of people out there are facing real lack in some degree, and need a miracle.Even the sudden appearance of needed rain can qualify as the miracle. As with the miracle of the loaves, there will be left over effects to insure abundance. It is also important to see your need in the context of everyone else who has a similar need for a miracle and to think of the crowd out there as the miracle extends to everyon
What is enough and what is going to be enough?
If I'm lacking for example, for things I might want to do, or attempt such as traveling, I do know I lack money.
However the precise amount of money I might need may not be precisely foreseeable and I would prefer a decent excess so I don't feel like I am trying to hit the target amount precisely, in short, having an abbreviated landing strip. If I don't have some excess for contigencies, I might feel a bit edgy about that.
The general lack is known, but the specifics of that lack may be vague and somewhat uncertain.
Say for example someone is contemplating traveling to another country; they have budgeted the cost, but certainly want extra money for contingencies.
Someone is reading a couple of books, they are budgeting time, but certainly want a little extra not knowing precisely the amount of time needed for the read and not wanting to have to rush through.
In the miracle of the loaves, the crowd did lack sustenance as far as something to eat, but the need may have been in terms of the psychology for an excess, in that just in case, someone wants more, it is there.
So an answer regarding lack from the Lord may exceed the need and usually does.
The approach in asking for wisdom, wisdom that can relate to practical matters such as finance or anything else, is to bring up his specific area, such as when the disciples lacked the wisdom as to how to quickly get the crowd food in the miracle of the loaves story. In a place that was distant from the marketplace where a lot of food was readily available.
For what you need. If you get the positive response from the Lord, it would likely meet or somewhat exceed the need, and this is a matter of trust that the Lord will come through in this fashion.
As there was plenty of left over food in the miracle of the loaves story, there will be left over ideas, hopes, excitements, thrills, wonders, miracles, just like there were left over loaves and fishes after the miracle, a miracle which served to purge the lack in the moment, and enabled the crowd to listen to Jesus in comfort,
The model is I can cite any specific lack in prayer, asking for wisdom upon it, and expect the answer to both meet and exceed the lac
When I get to the other side of the answer, I see that the lack has been met, with some real abundance beyond that.
An example might be an extended answer to a prayer, rather than one of brevity.
This is another type of correlation with the miracle of the loaves, where the miracle itself extends further than what was initially scene.
Even for example the miracle job that someone might get, that employment situation might extend far into the future.
The answer might be for you individually and also for the crowd out there as it was in the miracle of the loaves.
There is a caveat though, that in the miracle of the loaves, the crowd indeed was there to see Jesus and not there for say to rob the poor
In Zechariah chapter 10 verse 1 it says in the New King James version of the Bible,
1 Ask the LORD for rain In the time of the latter rain.  The LORD will make flashing clouds;  He will give them showers of rain,  Grass in the field for everyone.
There are several aspects to this verse.
One is the clear reference to timing as per the need or the lack that is to be addressed.
If it doesn't rain in the time of the latter rain, there is a resultant lack as per the crops and so forth.
The asking is done by an individual, but the answer is potentially for everyone, not just for the one prayer person
This may be one of the keys to effective prayer, for someone who is in need or facing lack.
Refer also in the manner of interceding for the crowd that might also be facing into the headwinds of a similar lack.
For example, reference others who are in similar need even as you bring forth your own need in prayer.
Another aspect is trusting as to the actual supply to spring forth. This verse says he will give showers of rain, not trickles of rain and this goes into the idea of meeting the needs plus.Read more about Miracle Stories
Similar to the miracle of the loaves, there might be some leftover water and there is no question of there being enough rain to supply in for what is needed in terms of timing and location.
You do see a lot of stories in the press today of people feeling the lack. An approach to this, is to not only prayer for yourself as you may be facing the lack, but also specifically refer to others who are right in line with you in facing the same lack and everyone is the call of the day.
Craft your prayer so that the miracle will hit upon both you and the crowd with plenty left over for everyone including yourself if you wish.For more info visit Miracle Stories

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