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05/12/2011 11:46

Sunglasses are often considered as the most preferred accessories these days. Just like designer clothes, designer accessories are in great demand these days. People often prefer branded watches, footwear, jewelry, belts, perfume, handbags, purses, scarves, sunglasses and lot of other things as it not only reflects their persona but these branded accessories also make them look great and confident. There are several well-known brands of sunglasses that are available in the market like Gucci, Ray Ban, Fast track, etc. Apart from all these popular brands that are meant to attract the fashion conscious people, Persol sunglasses are designed especially for pilots and sports drivers. Initially sunglasses were used for protection of delicate eyes against foreign particles entering into it. But today, the concept of sunglasses is completely revolutionized and is considered to be unique fashion segment in the fashion world. Back in 1990's when the owner of Berry opticians, Giuseppe Ratti focused on the production of highly advanced and technically upgraded glasses, it was a worldwide success as people started to realize the importance of protecting their eyes while performing adventurous activities. So, Persol sunglasses were introduced which framed high quality glasses to ensure complete safety to the eyes against dust or harmful particles. Due to its superior quality, Persol sunglasses are always desired right from the beginning. Every pair of Persol sunglass is hand-crafted and created with great care in Italy. Here are a few frames that credit to the fame and success of Persol sunglasses:- Persol 649: Specially designed for tram drivers in 1950's, its specific designing and unique nature made it a great success in the world market. Its fame and popularity improved multiple times when Marcello Mastoianni wore Persol sunglasses in the film "Divorce Italian Style" in 1961. Though there were several manufacturers competing with the brand, but Persol always maintained a high profile, it is still considered as genius Italian object today. - Persol 714 Folding Sunglasses: A Classic: Worn, by the famous personality Steve McQueen with classic shades, off screen as well as on screen in movies like "The Getaway" and "Thomas Crown Affair", Persol 714 Folding Sunglasses was auctioned at amazing prices of $70,200 in 2006. It is one of the most desired and treasured pair of sunglasses till date! - Persol 714 An Icon Reborn: Due to the overwhelming response, Persol has thought to re-introduce the Persol 714 model which will look exactly like the original one.Read more about lunette persol This is going to be a limited production and will surely have a long waiting list to grab this special model. Persol sunglasses are just incomparable to the typical sunglasses that are available in the market. If you own a pair of these renowned shades, you almost own a pair of history. The famous Hollywood stars Steve McQueen, Marcello Mastroianni, Cary Grant.... Persol sunglasses indeed adorn their attractive faces and these are often considered the best and finest sunglasses that were and will be ever created. These deserve to hold a place in the unique collection of sunglasses of every person today. The popularity of Persol sunglasses is growing day-by-day. Though there are several competitors manufacturing typical patterns but they lack in quality which is very easily noticed. So, Persol sunglasses are just right for you. Log on to see the latest collection of this branded item today.For more info visit lunette persol



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