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29/11/2011 15:45

Now days, anytime someone is looking for a product or service the first thing they do is search the internet. This means using a digital marketing agency is critical to the success of any business. The web is huge and it's easy to get lost in billions of sites online, and more difficult to be found at the top of browser search results. If your primary revenue generates from leads online, then visibility is critical. If potential customers can't find your website easily, they will use the company that has a website appearing first in their search. Unless they search specifically for your company name or already know about your website, customers and potential customers are going use a search engine such as Google to try to find you. With 95% of all search engine traffic going to the top 10 websites found, improving your website's visibility and getting it to the top of Google rankings can mean the difference between success and failure.The SEO Agency is an example of what I consider a top tier digital marketing agency. They are a company with extensive experience, highly trained staff, access to proprietary tools and always on top of the technology. In my experience, most companies that claim to know SEO don't. At best, they know how to look up a few key words, but they don't understand how to distinguish the most powerful key words and phrases and don't know the process of using them on a website for maximum effectiveness. If the SEO company you choose doesn't know how to leverage content and layout, even prime key words will be wasted along with your time and money.Google and other search engines use extremely complex algorithms and key words are only one part of the equation.Read more about Los Angeles Digital Agencies. In fact, other variables like off-page interaction (links to your website from external websites and your presence in social media such Facebook and Twitter) can have a bigger impact on your website's search engine rankings than key words and key phrases. Adding to the complexity, search engines are not static in how they calculate their rankings and they don't make their methods known to the general public. Major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are always tweaking their algorithms. Meaning that what worked yesterday may be less effective today.An experienced digital marketing agency like The SEO Agency will make extensive use of research and analytics, proprietary tools and proven methodology to devise a customized, full-service strategy for organically boosting your website to the top of Google rankings. Their staff will have a fundamental grasp of search engine algorithms and will be able to adjust your strategy to maximize effectiveness, ensuring you not only get to the top, but remain there.For more info visit Los Angeles Digital Agencies.


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