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20/10/2012 13:42

LightScribe technology, developed by HP, is used to laser-etch text and images directly onto the label side of a disc's surface. This makes for ink free labeling, with no smudging or peeling common with stick-on labels or printable discs. Read this article to find out more about LightScribe technology.LightScribe is an optical disc technology introduced by HP (Hewlett-Packard) in 2004. This technology has revolutionized the way CDs and DVDs are being labeled, allowing the user to create laser-etched labels with text and graphics. The technology does not use ink but is all laser-driven. It is therefore the perfect solution for creating custom labels.LightScribe technology burns the label image onto a special dye coating on the label side of the disc, in concentric circles moving outward from the center of the disc. The technology doesn't work on standard CD-R/RW and DVD-R/RW discs, but requires the use of special LightScribe-enabled optical disc writers, software to support this facility, and LightScribe-specific discs with the special dye coating. LightScribe discs also have a special code imprinted on the rim of their inner circle, which helps to detect the precise rotational position of the disc. In combination with the drive hardware, this code serves one more purpose - it allows the disc to be labeled multiple times, to produce a better image.Burning CD Labels with LightScribe is quite easy. You can design the label on your own, or can choose from templates and designs available over the Internet. After deciding on the design, you complete the task in two easy steps. Burn the contents to the CD or DVD in the drive as you would normally, including photos, music and video. Take some time out to read on  Lightscribe software. When finished, open the drive and flip the disc over to etch the label. Remember that the same drive will be used for both burning and labeling.Unlike printed CD labels, LightScribe media doesn't peel or smudge. Fading is also not a problem, as long as the disc is kept in its sleeve or jewel case. Although a LightScribe label can't be replaced with a new design, it is possible to add to it.LightScribe discs were initially launched with grey etch on a gold-colored surface. Today, they are available in various surface colors. However, the etching is still in shades of grey. The disc's surface is coated with a reactive dye that alters its color when a 780nm infrared laser light is absorbed. Kept in a protective case, the label should last a long time while at the same time keeping the data safe from scratches.When it comes to buying LightScribe media discs and drives, the Internet is the best source. Many reputable companies provide customers with a broad selection of high quality discs from well known and trusted manufacturers. Visiting their website, you can select from a large range, and place your order online.To find the best deal, it is always good to do some online research, comparing websites for price, availability, and selection. While you are certain to find products at competitive prices, it is always recommended that you deal with a reliable supplier. Don't forget to check the latest in LightScribe media technology, when you plan to shop for these items. Taking into considering your requirements and budget, you can always buy the right solution at reasonable cost. Get more here!


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