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Life Lock has been protecting consumers from identity theft and has proven their ability to block identity thieves' unlawful activities. What's noteworthy about them is that they don't only help you re-establish your credit. They also ensure that you don't deal with the task of cleaning up your record by yourself. All you need to do is supply what is being asked for.With the identity theft protection they give, you get a lot of benefits through the services they offer such as the Identity Alert System. For your security, they monitor hundreds of databases to see if there are indications that a potential identity theft is occurring. The system goes through the data banks to make sure that your personal and private information aren't being tampered there. Many illegal websites steal your data and use it to obtain loans and credits, among others. With the Identity Alert System, you can be rest assured that someone is taking care of your identity and is making sure that it won't go into the wrong hands.Together with the service that restores your credit is the Total Service Guarantee. If you are enrolled in the service and your identity is compromised, you are guaranteed that the service will pay out a fortune for you just to ensure that your credit reputation is back to its unblemished state. It is willing to shell out up to a million dollars to help with charges and fees associated with reestablishing your credit.Another service tied with it is the monitoring service referred to as eRecon. What it does is to track hundreds of databases used by criminals and checks that your information isn't being made available there for fraudulent purposes.Read more about lifelock promo code  These dubious websites unlawfully sell, trade and distribute sensitive information for dishonest reasons. Another feature of the service is TrueAddress that does an exhaustive search to ensure that no one tampers with your address without your knowing it. When there is a dubious change monitored, TrueAddress will immediately send you a notice. Considered as an important service, it protects you by shielding your address so that no one can modify it and use it to steal your identity. Mailbox Relief involves the process whereby the three credit bureaus are contacted and asked to remove your name and other information from their mailing lists. This then results to a reduction in pre-approved credit card offers that you get in your inbox aside from the junkmail that go with them. In addition to these, you can take advantage of the 24/7 customer support.With Life Lock, you can be ensured that your personal information will be monitored closely and scanned for threats. Identity theft has affected the lives of many in more ways than one. Be sure that you're not one of these people. Don't be one of them. Be shielded by a service that incessantly makes sure identity theft is something that doesn't become you. Through their direct access to fraud resolution teams, good leadership with widely acclaimed privacy and security experts, and partnerships with law enforcement agencies, you can be assured that you are safe from identity thieves.For more info visit lifelock promo code

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