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03/11/2012 17:03

You can ask any girl: It's pretty damn almost impossible to just quit a guy cold turkey when things don't work out. But if you handle that post-split period the right way, you can actually get over the guy faster, move on sooner, and cut back on the gallons of Ben and Jerry's you'll stuff your face with. Regardless of what caused the end of the hookup, a split leaves women with a huge desire to fill in that void left behind.  So what's the easiest way to fill this void? Let me give you a hint: It starts with E and ends with X. But like we said, there are ways to avoid getting ensnared to this trap and move on with your life. Here are a few tips that will make it easy for you to get back on track, and find someone else who is way better than your ex hookup.  Follow the 30-minute rule You might be thinking that the reason you want to know if he's free one Friday evening is because you really miss him and would like to catch up, but it's very likely you're just 1) lonely; or b) bored, and are going for him because he used to be your partner on date night. If you step on the breaks and analyze this -œpull,- you can tell the difference between genuine desire from temporary, emotionally charged desire. The best way to do this is to use the 30-minute rule: When the urge to contact him hits you, do something to shift your focus. It may sound too simple, but odds are you'll be less inclined to contact him after half an hour of focusing your attention to something else. You'll soon find out that the urge is only fleeting.  Identify what sets you off A lot of women have certain triggers things that set them off and make them start thinking about him. Give yourself a few minutes to think back and recognize the things that cause you to feel terrible over the split, and then take action. This might mean you have to block his Facebook posts for a while, or temporarily keeping stuff that reminds you of him deep in your closet.For more info,Please visit life hookup When you're fresh out of a breakup, you're still pretty vulnerable to that emotional tug, so getting rid of all the reminders can be of huge help in getting over that initial hump.  Make a list Think of the top three reasons why you're better off without him. It's very tempting to view your relationship in an idealistic perspective, but it's crucial to realistically think about why you're better off without him. Once you see the bigger picture, you will be able to quell those urges to stick to a guy that's not right for you just because it makes you feel comfortable, and prevent them from coming back. Related Articles - adult dating, adult dating online, adult dating website, hookup, hook up, hookup with girls, hookup with guys, sex dating sites, sex dating, sex datin, Email this Article to a Friend! Receive Articles like this one direct to your email box!Subscribe for free today! also go to this URL


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