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Airplanes are the most amazing, fastest and most commonly used mean of travel nowadays. It was only a centuries ago that air travel was thought to be as impossible as time travel. Now, we have a large choice of flying machines to roam the skies in. Helicopters, airplanes, gliders, float planes, you name it. Although flying is fast and convenient, it is as unsafe and unreliable as any other medium of travel. Take floatplanes for instance, flying them requires good weather. Besides, there is a floatplane rating and a float rating that defines the water, weather and conditions suitable or unsuitable for the plane.Almost all kinds of planes have such ratings to ensure a safe flight. Yet, the disasters are almost always unpredictable. The most common of all the planes are the commercial planes. They can carry more than three hundred people across the globe in merely a day. In these fast traveling machines, the rate of fatalities is higher than on land or seas. The reasons are always different. Sometimes it is a mechanical fault, sometimes it is human negligence. Despite these numbers, the numbers of passengers and air traffic are constantly on the rise. Let us take a look at the worst plane crashes in history.On 27 March 1977, the whole world went into shock to hear the news of the worst air catastrophe in the aviation history. A KLM Boeing 747 and a Pan AM Boeing went into a head on collision on the Canary Island Runway. 583 people were killed in the accident, which occurred due to foggy weather and disturbed radio transmission.On August 12, 1985 the Japanese mourn the tragic death 520 passengers of Japan Airlines 747. The plane got out of control due to a faulty repair which caused it to crash into the Mount Fuji. Japan Airlines accepted the responsibility, the president resigned and the supervisor committed suicide.November 12, 1996 saw the worst mid air crash when a cargo plane from Kazakhstan crashed with a Saudia 747 near Delhi.For more info,Please visit Jobs in Riyadh All passengers abroad were killed in the catastrophe. The reason was found to be disobedience from the Kazakh crew.On August 1980, many people witnessed the worst accident due to human error at the Riyadh Airport. A Saudia L-1011 was returning from Karachi to Riyadh with 301 people on board when a fire broke out after the departure. Somehow the crew managed to get out of the plane without any evacuation. For more than three minutes, the plane stood at the runway with its running engine. Before the rescue staff could open the door, a flash fire in the passenger cabin killed everybody inside.March 3rd 1947, one of the worst crashes in history was recorded as the Turkish Airlines DC-10 crashed in the woods near Orly. The reason of the crash was found to be a faulty designed cargo door which eventually burst and sent the whole plane out of control. All 346 passengers and the crew died in the crash.If you interested in learning more,check out


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