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Although technology mandates advanced methods for a job search that may not have been used 15 or 20 years ago, there are still some basic principles that remain timeless. Many books and resources agree on the proper attire, methods of answering questions, and other things critical for a successful job interview.But one book, while written in the 1990s, still provides exceptional insights into overcoming barriers to employment. "No One is Unemployable," by Debra L. Angel & Elisabeth E. Harney, WorkNet Publications, Hacienda Heights, California, (1997), pp. 274, ISBN: 0-957057-0-6.Job Clubs Help
Job clubs are a great way of transitioning through the stages of unemployment. As more job clubs are formed across the nation, job seekers have the opportunity of getting expert help with job search skills and practice their networking techniques on a regular basis. If you facilitate a job club, or if you are a job seeker looking for help with your next job, this book would be a good resource to use.This book is written for the benefit of a job coach or career mentor, and how they can help candidates advance through a job search using suggested scenarios.On the other hand, a job seeker can quickly find information pertinent to their unique situation, and how to conquer barriers to employment based on their individual circumstances.Two Sides of a Problem
The authors outline a ten-step process for overcoming barriers to employment.For more info visit Job reviews A key element of this, after identifying the barrier, is understanding the candidate's perception of the barrier, as well as the employer's perception of the barrier. This factor, seeing a situation from both sides of the coin so to speak, is part of what makes this book such a great resource.Half of the book includes an Encyclopedia of Barriers, arranged alphabetically, and how to conquer those barriers. The authors state, "The only barriers which cannot be solved are those which you do not take the time to address, or those which the candidate is unwilling to address."Proactive Methods to Conquer Employment Barriers
In more than 150 pages of the book, this section identifies barriers to employment, the employer's concern as well as the candidate's concern with that barrier, suggests proactive methods to address the barrier, and cross-references other barriers of similar topics to learn from. There are also mini case studies of candidates' experiences in overcoming these barriers.Through the use of examples, every type of situation from A to Z is discussed - candidates who are homeless, gang members, convicted felons, overqualified professionals, displaced homemakers, and more. It also addresses physical barriers, such as hygiene issues, disability, obesity, etc. The book also covers emotional, behavioral, and knowledge barriers.The book also gives hints and tips for overcoming the barriers while developing resumes and other marketing documents, filling out application forms, and while preparing for a job interview.While this book may be dated, according to the publication date, the information inside is not dated, and is pertinent to job candidates in just about any situation, even today.If like this info, go to this site!                    


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