Is psoraisis contagious

06/10/2012 10:53

Is psoriasis contagious? That's the question that is foremost on your mind now, right?Discovering you have developed this incurable skin disease is traumatic enough without having to worry if you may be passing it on to your loved ones. I know, because I have been there too.Developing a strange skin rash and then having it diagnosed as psoriasis, with young kids in the household, was the situation that led me to ask the question "Is psoriasis contagious?" Nobody wants to pass on a disease like psoriasis, especially to your own family.Let me put you at ease right now:No, psoriasis is NOT contagious!You cannot pass this disease on to other people through any amount of contact, and if you have psoriasis yourself - no-one gave it to you. Psoriasis just happens, and can happen to anyone at any time in their life. The question is - why!Well, that's a question I can't answer for you. That's because scientists don't really know what causes psoriasis.So, what do we know about the causes of psoriasis?Well, we know that a malfunction of the immune system causes the T-cells in your body to produce skin cells much faster than is normal.Browse Is psoraisis contagious for more. These skin cells get pushed to the surface in a matter of days (rather than about 4 weeks). These skin cells build up on the outer layer of skin and that is the flaky rash like effect you see.What we don't know is what caused this immune system malfunction in the first place. It seems that it is triggered by outside influences which can vary from sufferer to sufferer. Common triggers are:

Dietry factors
Lack of vitamin D from sunlight (psoriasis usually worsens in the winter)
Alcoholism           Know more on this page!


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