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25/09/2011 11:20

Anyone with an iPhone who has spent time in the Application Store on iTunes knows there are thousands of applications available for Apple´s phone, making it very hard to pick the best, as even some of the not so great ones, get a lot of downloads. 1. Things  A listing application; Things helps to organize & schedule & prioritize the to-do´s by due date, searchable tags along with a "today" screen listing the top-priority to-do´s in an easy access location. Things makes task management easy, simplified & yet powerful.  So everything that you do in Things syncs back to the application on your Mac via Wi-Fi, so you stay organized wherever you go making your to-dos a seamless & painless affair.2. Wikipanion  Wikipanion is the best & fastest Wikipedia browsing application on the iPhone. It´s a simplified version of Wikipedia without leaving out any of the site's extra features. Simply put, the iPhone gives the ability to wiki via the many Wikipedia linked applications in the Application Store. 3. Road Trip  How many of us know what should be done to take care of our cars & how it should actually be done. Keeping track of your vehicle´s health is important & Road Trip is the fastest, easiest logbook application for tracking your car's fuel economy, maintenance & expenses.4. ZenBe  A list making applications providing collaborative to-do lists with multiple iPods or iPhones & the web.  The ability to connect & synchronize with other ZenBe applications & the ZenBe online interface, make it most useful. Create them, use them & sync them, coordinating your lists & multiple iPhones & keep track of progress as each item on the list is checked off throughout the day. 5.  I Can Haz Cheezeburger  The entertainment application. It links to the online Cheezeburger Network sites as in FailBlog, Totally Looks Like, LOLCats & LOLDogs, Engrish Funny, & others providing endless humor on the go. 6. WeatherBug Elite The premier source for the best weather-reporting application currently available, provides users access to the largest network of professional weather stations in the US & thousands of locations around the world.Read more about iphone 5 wiki  7. Free Memory The iPhone is great at multitasking. This at some occasions could lead to applications crashing. The Free Memory gets into the running process list & instantly frees up 40 MB of active memory, preventing the iPhone from freezing up & dropping its functions.8. AT&T Easy Wi-Fi  This application simplifies the process of logging onto AT&T's Wi-Fi hotspots all over the country. Simply install the application, register once & from then on whenever in the range of the AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot, you will be logged on to the internet. 9. Kindle/Stanza A digital book reader application. One of the many applications, that lets you download (for free or cheap) & read complete books.10. Yelp!The perfect application to help find whatever you need close to you. Look at business hours, contact info, reviews & maps to the location. For more info visit iphone 5 wiki



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