Invisible Dog Fence

10/12/2011 14:40

Providing safety and security for your pets could hardly be any easier than it is today with all the options available to dog owners. You can go with the cheap dog fencing if you don't mind setting posts and stretching out the fence. Always make sure it is high enough, and in some cases, buried deep enough so they can't jump over, dig under or simply plow through it. Thank goodness, technology has provided some very practical, less labor-intensive alternatives. It's possible to get cheap dog fencing that comes in sections that only requires you to connect them together. This is a handy solution if you need something temporary or to take on your travels with your furry companion. Portable dog fencing will also give you a lot of flexibility. You'll only have to get the sections you need for your particular situation. - Electric Dog Fencing May Be A Better OptionElectric dog fences are also sometimes referred to as invisible dog fencing. It works with a transmitter, an electronic dog collar, and can be applied with or without wiring. It is invisible because the wires would be buried in the yard to define the dog's area. Both systems work on the same principle. A electronic perimeter or border is set. When the dog comes close to the boundary, a beep will come from the collar to warn the dog. If she continues and crosses that invisible barrier, a electric signal is set off that will cause a minor discharge from the collar. This corrective action is designed to turn her back inside her electronic barrier. It is important to note that if she does not turn back, the signal will cease after a set number of discharges so she won't sustain any kind of damage. Most dogs will respond quite quickly, especially if you will work with them a bit.Read more about Invisible Dog Fence. Your electric dog fencing kit should include some information for the set up and training tips. You probably will also find some markers to place around the barrier so your dog can associate them to his new boundary.Electric dog fences are a way to take advantage of as much space as possible for your dog to run and play. You'll still be able to keep them out of the garden or other dangers. Maintenance usually involves keeping a power source for the transmitter and fresh batteries in the collars.One thing to always keep in mind is the need for dogs to run and exercise. Try to arrange the restricted area to give them that room. It is not good to keep them confined in small pens for your convenience. No matter if you go with cheap fencing, portable fencing or invisible dog fencing, always try to give them ample running room, when at all possible.For more info visit Invisible Dog Fence.


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