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12/10/2011 17:53

When looking for a home on the Indianapolis real estate market, there are many factors to consider. One factor that many people tend to ignore but end up regretting is the amount of landscaping they have just purchased. Many homes have beautiful landscaping when they are for sale, but that’s the problem; they’ve been landscaped to sell. Once you buy the home, are you going to be able to keep that landscaping up? The following are worth consideration when looking at landscaping.First off, when shopping the Indianapolis real estate market, you may find yourself looking at a beautiful property with a large mulched section. Keep in mind that there is yard under that mulch, and that if the mulch is fresh, it was probably laid down to cover any weeds or grass that was poking through. Also, if it was poking through before, it will keep trying to as the year goes on. Covering a problem doesn’t remove it, it just delays it.Another consideration when picking your Indianapolis real estate is the amount of flowers that surround your property. Remember that flowers bloom often, but they wilt quickly. You may have a beautiful bush or clump of flowers when you buy, but two months from now, how is that area going to look? Flowers are great, but if not watered and tended to, they can quickly become a cluster of dead plants for you to deal with.A third concern is the amount of trees on your Indianapolis real estate. Trees are wonderful for their shade and how well they hold the soil together, however their roots can quickly tear up your driveway and sidewalk, and those leaves won’t look so pretty in your gutters or on your lawn. The bigger the tree, the bigger the problems that comes with it.Also, when looking at trees, what kind of bugs do you get along with them? Indianapolis real estate is not immune to ants, spiders and wood-eating insects, and some trees welcome these more than others.Read more about indianapolis landscaping Also, treating for insects may end up killing the tree, and this can lead to a host of other problems. Make sure you’re not buying a leafy insect hive when picking out your dream home.Finally, you may want to avoid Indianapolis real estate that has rock surrounding the front. Rock landscaping is beautiful and lends a pretty shade to your property, but they can prove to be a bigger hassle than mulch. At least with much you can till the soil and all more, but with rocks the problem of weeds becomes downright annoying. Keep in mind that a bag of replacement mulch is cheaper than a ton of rocks.When shopping for Indianapolis real estate, you have plenty of factors, both good and bad to consider. Don’t let your dream home be bogged down by impossible landscaping. There’s noting wrong with a beautiful home, but there’s no point if you can’t maintain it. It’s your home, so make sure its enough for you to handle.For more info visit  indianapolis landscaping            



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