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22/12/2011 10:57

If you want to improve search engine rank of your website then you will need to constantly work on improving search engine ranking of your pages. There are a number of ways of which you can accomplish the task of improving your search engine ranking but a few key methods seem to carry the most impact. You've probably noticed that many internet websites that you visit will link to other webpages. Nearly all websites use a web links page and there are two great reasons for this which related to how you can improve search engine rank as you'll learn below:1. Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a way getting targeted traffic to your webpage in hopes of making money with your webpage. One important thing that you can not overlook if you would like your site to be indexed is building links.2. Your site is providing a service to your website visitors. Using a related links page can provide visitors with more websites of interest that may add value. However, the the websites with money at stake might say they would rather keep people on their website, rather than going to another web page.Search engines do value some links as good links and some as bad links. Good links work to improve search engine rank, while bad links can actually hurt your rankings which is something you do not want to chance. If you're lucky the bad links will be ignored by the search engines. You can think of a good link as one that is relevant to your topic and from a page with high PageRank. Read more about Improve search engine ranking.These kind of links improve search engine rank of your site. A bad link would most likely be a link from a link farm or a site that the search engines may consider a "bad neighborhood".When link building you should always try to get inbound links to your website from websites with a high page rank which also helps to improve search engine rank. When you gain inbound links from higher page rank sites then you are essentially saying to the search engines that your site is worth checking out and this can eventually lead to improving search engine ranking across your webpages.Does this mean you should only seek out websites with high page rank to try to obtain links from? Well, if you tried this strategy then the chances of you acquiring any links for your early site would very slim! A site may be showing a page rank of zero today, but that website could also eventually increase their site page rank and you would end up benefiting more later on. This would work well for you to improve search engine rank without you doing more effort. Also, when building a website it should be built with your actual visitors in mind and not just for improving search engine ranking.Therefore, if you intend on being successful with a website try to remember everything you learned here on improving your search engine ranking.For more info visit Improve search engine ranking.


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