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The long-lasting plant growing season is not the only major advantage of growing plants taking advantage of the hydroponics method which is what is establishing hydroponics so popular today. There are quite a few bonus points which include bigger crop yield, fresh nutritious produce aswell as eliminating the need for pesticides and other chemicals. Pesticides that are used in conventional agriculture have an adverse impression on our surroundings by contaminating groundwater supplies. Hydroponics systems eliminate these toxic substances and contribute greatly to preventing the groundwater from contamination. Hydroponics systems have proved far more productive and efficient than conven?tiona?l methods of agriculturenot only in the laboratory but in actual practice aswell. Most hydroponics growing compounds are built large to take advantage of the economics of scale; this can be as much as a ten acre site. In research, crops grown using hydroponics techniques have averaged around 21 to 26% higher yield than those that are grown in conventional soil methods. In actual practice, over a good number of years, the yield of hydroponically grown tomatoes has been proven to as much as double that of their soil grown counter parts due to reduced turnover time between planting crops and better nutrition management of crops. Additionally commercial hydroponics growing techniques are also less demanding of chemicals for root zone sterilization and pest control.?Explore more on Hydroponics. The drastic up turn in yields with hydroponics is best illustrated if we consider the actual production figures of both soil grown and hydroponically grown produce.Field grown tomatoes average yields range form between 41,000 to 63,000 ponuds per acre: while on the other hand top hydroponics growing facilities in the US and UK report average yields of more than 648,000 pounds of tomatoes per acre. Aswell as this, given the fact that only 10 years ago top hydroponics facilities were only averaging 400,00 it shows haw far hydroponics gardening has come in such a short space of time. Similar production figures can be seen right across the board of all plant food crops.Given the great many advantages that hydroponics brings to the gardener or farmer it is not surprising that hydroponics techniques are increasingly finding favour all over the world. According to recent estimates countries having substantial hydroponics production include Israel - 31,040 acres,Holland - 10,023 acres, England - 4,538 acres and Australia and New Zealand have around 8,000 acres between them both. The fastest growing area for hydroponics is Mexico. There are quite a number of reasons for this upsurge including warm winters that do attract vegetable growers in large numbers. Hydroponics has many advantages over conventional soil techniques and this is now becoming ever more apparent with its uptake in popularity. Hobby gardeners and commercial farmers alike have recognised using hydroponics gives you better results all round and it is because of this that hydroponics is here to stay. I suggest you to visit this page to read more.....


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